5 Mr. Zong's Shocker

Mr. Zong, Jack and Ning continue their conversation while having their breakfast. Endless resources and loads of money to waste ensured that Jack and Ning can please anyone with their hospitality. No matter what's going on in their wicked minds, they know how to throw their money to please whomsoever they want. But, this isn't the case at the moment. Mr. Zong is the most difficult man to please in this world. Or maybe, his grandson is. Both top the competition in this matter.

"Dad, you can share anything with us. What do you have in your mind?" asked Jack, unable to control his urge to know what is going on in the old man's mind.

"Certainly! And if there's anything we can do that would please you, we would love to do it," Ning's wicked mind was at work again.

Ning's right eye had been twitching from the moment she woke up. She knew something was going to hit her hard. This was the moment.

"I am going to sell the mansion," declared Mr. Zong.

"Wh ..what? And dad, where will you live?" stammered Ning. Her right eye was twitching so bad now, she could not help but cover it with her fingers.

"Not my mansion! This mansion - the one that you dare to call as your mansion," rebuked Mr. Zong. "There is someone who's willing to pay $100 million for it," he continued.

"But dad, where is this all coming from suddenly?" asked Jack as he signaled Ning to remove her hand from her eyes.

"This is all your fault. What did I tell you? Get Wang married as soon as possible. I want to see him living with his family. I wish to see him with his wife and kids. You get Wang married, and you can have the mansion,"commanded Mr. Zong. "Didn't I tell you to find a nice girl for Wang and get him married? Did you pay heed to my words?" Mr. Zong continued.

"Dad, if only you knew how much efforts we are making to get Wang married, you would not be blaming us like this. I tried my best, but can't get Wang to like any girl," Ning tries to explain while pressing her twitching eye with her fingers. "Haven't we tried so much?" Ning asked in a louder voice while looking at Jack.

Jack too afraid to say anything, kept on looking at his breakfast plate.

"JAAACK ! You agree with me, don't you?" asked Ning.

"Y..y..yes, I do. N..N..Ning and I have tried so much. W..we can't force Wang to like any girl. Ning is right," stammered Jack. "Wang is too choosy. After-all, he is like his grandfather, isn't he?" asked Jack smiling at Mr. Zong, attempting to lighten up the situation. But, Mr. Zong's expression said otherwise and Jack's smile vanished.

"What kind of uncle & aunt are you? Don't you have feelings for Wang? His parents are dead. He does not even talk to me. He's all alone," sighed Mr. Zong.

There was a two minutes silence on the breakfast scene. While Mr. Zong was engrossed worrying about his grandson, Jack and Ning were too afraid to start a conversation.

Mr. Zong speaks again. "Wang needs to have a family, or I will die worrying for him," he sighed.

"Dad, please! Don't say this. May you have a long life," lamented Jack.

"Yes, may you have a long life," murmured Ning while pressing her eyes with her fingers.

"Shut up! Do you both understand what I just said? If you find a girl for Wang and convince him to marry her, well and good. If you fail in this, I will sell it all. I will sell all the mansions, this house that you love so much, other houses in the city..everything. Did you get it? If I die, Wang will get everything under his possession. And you two will get nothing. You will be in a pathetic state," declared Mr. Zong.

"D.. dad, don't worry. Leave it to me. I will handle all. There are some beautiful girls that I have shortlisted. I will handle the situation," gushed Ning. Jack and Ning knew that they have no option but to fulfill Mr. Zong's demands.

"Ning is right. We will handle all. But, we need some time," Jack insisted.

"I give you six months time. You have to find a girl and get Wang married within six months. If nothing happens in six months, everything will be finished for you. Exactly Six Months! Not even a day more!!" Mr. Zong commanded. "My purpose of coming here is over. I will go now," Mr. Wong said as he stood up and begins to walk towards the main door.

"Dad! Please wait! We were about to have coffee. We would love if you could wait and join us," requested Ning.

But, it was too late. Mr. Zong was already gone. Ning and Jack stood there, speechless, staring at each other.

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After Mr. Zong was gone, Jack was all fired up. "What is this stupidity? Normally, a guy likes a girl and he has to convince the family. In our case, it's totally the opposite. I am tired of getting grounded like a child. That's it! I will no longer tolerate such words from anyone. It's time to man up!!" declared Jack.

"Shut up and get this mess cleaned," yelled Ning pointing at the left over food as she walked back to her room. Jack stood there planning on how to start with the cleaning process.

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