3 Mr. Wang's Uncle & Aunt

Mrs. Ning is the charismatic aunt of Wang. She is always full of plans and actions and gets irritated really fast. And she's mighty irritated at the moment. Reason - Neither Wang nor his PA is responding to her calls and messages.

Ning lives with her husband Mr. Jack* at a posh bungalow. Their life has all the luxuries a middle-aged couple can dream of - posh house, a farmhouse, high-end luxury vehicles, maids & servants, a good reputation and above all - loads of money to waste. But, there's a catch - every asset that they enjoy so much and care for so much - are technically not theirs. It is all in the name of Mr. Zong - Wang's grandfather.

Wang's parents were no more alive. His grandfather expects his second son - Jack and his wife, Ning, to take care of Wang's personal life.

Mr. Zong, CEO Wang's grandfather, wants to see his grandson get married and settle down as soon as possible. He feels that Jack & Ning are not at all concerned about Wang's life. But, he has no reasons to worry. Because he has everything that Jack* & Ning care for - all the assets that they truly enjoy and love so much, under his control. And yes, Mr. Zong is a powerful manipulator who would use his ownership of these assets to fulfill any wish of his.


"What the hell! Wang is not answering my calls. This is pure disrespect." shouts Mrs Ning, as she walks to and fro her beautifully decorated house's lobby. Wearing a very loose fitted brown one-piece dress, to make her look slim, with her blonde hair tied tightly on her head like a mountain - she looked like a volcano ready to erupt anytime. A yellowish cream on her face, that her dermatologist prescribed to get rid of wrinkles, seemed like lava flowing down the volcano.

Mustering all the authority that comes with her position as a wife, Ning shouted at her husband, just entering the lobby - "I really do want to talk to Wang. Why is he ignoring my calls? This is disrespect."

Jack, observing the mood his wife was in, had to be very careful in making up his words. The reason for the tense situation they were in is - Wang and Zong, grandson and grandfather, don't get along well. Wang doesn't want to even talk to his granddad.

"You are right. This is disrespect. We are in this state because of Wang." says Jack while removing some dirt that had stuck in his Charlie Chaplin style's moustache. "Wang is like his grandfather. Totally, totally alike. And people say that opposite attracts and like repels, that is why these two cannot just get along."

"I just hope, their differences do not spoil our lives." says Ning.

"Wang is stubborn in his own way. Dad has his own style of stubbornness. If one says 'apple', other one would say 'pear'. How are we even going to make them sit together?"

Ning's head falls forward with hopelessness with her double chin dripping of yellow cream - that seems like lava flowing down the volcanic head. "What else did you expect? He's like his family. Everyone's a stubborn in his family," says Ning in a sarcastic tone.

"Can you please lower down your voice, Ning. Your shrill voice is going to bring the building down." Jack slams back at his wife's comment.

"You lower down your voice first. You are irritating. Can't even handle a single situation. Your voice is damaging my brain cells - something that you certainly don't have," Ning shouts back at her husband.

"Mine too! Mine too! Ning!! I don't have brain cells left. Thanks to you, huh!" shouts Jack.

The middle-aged couple, fully irritated and angry at each other and feeling hopeless at the present situation, were shouting at each other. The volcano was about to erupt completely, but was interrupted by a loud voice from kitchen.

It was the maid. She came running into the lobby, very scared. "Mrs. Ning.. Mrs Ning, Mr. Zong is here," said the maid with her hand on her heart, unable to control her anxiety.

The couple jumped out of fear. Their minds suddenly went blank. Without any further thought, they begin to walk hastily towards the main entrance of the house.

"Smile.. fake it.. Smile,", said Jack to Ning as they walked fast towards to main door to receive their dreadful guest.

"And you better lessen this smile of yours. This is looking too fake, you stupid man!" Ning hushed in a stern voice.

The three of them ran towards the main door.

"Get out of my way. I'll open the door," said Jack to the maid.

Jack opened the door and the three of them stood before the main door with huge fake smiles on their faces to welcome Mr. Zong, Jack's* father and Wang's grandfather

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*Jack is Wang's paternal uncle. He is Wang's dead father's younger brother.

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