8 Mr. Wang's office

"Wang, have a look at these catalogs. I had to work for hours to shortlist them," Says Ms. Chunhua standing besides Mr. Wang while holding an ipad in her hand. "The studio guys have done a good job. We bought these new lights for the shooting rooms. What do you think? " she continues.

Mr. Wang carefully studies all the slides in the tablet. "I like the lighting effects," he smiles.

"I have a wonderful concept in my mind. Trust me, this will blow away the market. I wish to share it with you and Smith. I wonder when the rascal.. errr.. Mr. Smith going to be here," mumbled Chunhua.

"You're always full of ideas, Chunhua. I'm sure the one you have in your mind would be great. Let me call Smith and ask where he is," sighed Wang.

Wang picks up his rose gold-plated mobile with his left hand to call Smith. He has Chunhua's ipad in his right hand. Chunhua bends to move slides with her finger on the ipad that Wang is holding and suddenly the office door opens.

Mr. Smith walks in with a smile, looks at Chunhua bending towards Wang, takes a step back, smiles again. "Sorry, I should've knocked," He knocks on the open door twice, smiles again and enters the office.

Ms. Chunhua smiles back.

"Think of the devil and the devil is here.. haha!!" says Smith pointing towards his cheeky smile. "How are you partner?" he asks as he walks towards Wang's table, putting out his right hand towards Wang for a handshake.

"Good," Wang replies with an expression that clearly showed his unhappiness on Smith's habit of coming late to the office.

Smith takes a step towards Chunhua, gives his trademark smile. "Ms. Chunhua, you look wonderful.. as usual.. a perfect woman," says Smith, as he holds her right hand and gives a light kiss on the back of her hand.

Chunhua smiles back. "Thank you Smith. Your compliment has been accepted," blushed Chunhua.

"Compliment? No.. No.. This wasn't a compliment. It's a confession. And do you know the reason why I say so? Because, you .." Smith was about to say something when he was suddenly interrupted by Wang.

"Ok! Ok! Enough !! Let's not waste our time," cautioned Wang with an irritated expression. "There's some problem with the robotic models that the Research and development team is working on," Wang continues. He knows that Smith and Chunhua has habit of getting diverted from the main issue.

"Oh no! Not again!!" sighed Smith. "We've been working on this for so long. And on top of that, these RnD people are so boring. Plus, I haven't eaten anything from two hours now. Can we have something? Maybe we can go out and eat? " Smith continues, as he takes a seat in front of Wang and gives Chunhua a wicked smile.

"I can't go anywhere. My aunt Ning is coming here in an hour. She wants to have a conversation," shares Wang in a helpless tone.

Smith laughs. He knows that Wang is not very fond of his aunt, and is particularly not very fond of her ways to convince Wang to marry soon.

"Ohk! Maybe.. Wang can ignore her aunt.. He will.. not a big deal," teased Chunhua as she chuckled wickedly.

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Three of them are very well aware of each other's likings and dislikings. Plenty of time spent together, while planning and strategizing their business moves, have helped them to know each other very well.

"Hey! Don't say like this. Wang can never ignore his aunt. He loves her so much," winks Smith. "Don't focus on how Wang keeps running away from her. This is the beauty of their relation. You know.. like Tom and Jerry," laughs Smith.

Smith's sense of humor is another reason why Wang is so fond of him. Lightening up any tense situation has always been Smith's strength.

Wang gives a blank look to Chunhua and Smith, stares at them for a few seconds and then could not stop himself from laughing at his helplessness. He knows he is in a funny position. His aunt Ning would be here anytime with a new innovative plan to convince him to get married.

Three of them have a hearty laugh and then begin to work on the problems of 'robotic models' and Ms. Chunhua's new business strategy.

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