11 Lina vs destiny

As the two waitresses stood in the customer area, discussing about Smith, there was a knock from the kitchen door.

It was the cook. He asked Lina to come inside the kitchen.

"Here! Take this! This is Mr. Smith's order. Now remember the name of the dish and say it loud and clear - 'Chile en nogada'. You get it? Chile en nogada," repeated the cook as he passed on the tray to Lina. "Mr. Smith might show an interest in the ingredients. Remember - it has Poblano chillies stuffed with spiced, minced meat and then topped with a walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds. Go now!" continued the cook as he signaled Lina to quickly take the order to the respective customer.

If it wasn't Mr. Smith who had to be served, Lina would have asked the second waitress, Tina, to serve the 'dish with such a complicated name'. But, this was Smith, and Lina was particularly fond of this visitor. She quickly took the tray, doubting that Tina might take it before her and hastily carried it towards Smith.

"Good day, Mr. Smith," greeted Lina with a smile that could melt anyone.

"Good day dear!" Smith greeted back while still looking at his mobile screen.

"Chile en Nogada?" asked Lina in a very polite tone.

"Yes, that's what I ordered," replied Smith giving his trademark smile.

"Did you order for something to drink," asked Lina while serving the tray on the table.

"Yes. I ordered for a Boulevardier," replied Mr. Smith as his eyes focused again on his mobile screen.

"Right! A Boulevar..d..deer coming up, Mr. Smith," stammered Lina.

"It's actually Bou-levard-ee-ay," corrected Smith and smiled at the innocence and cuteness of the waitress. Smith could not stop himself from laughing as Lina's perfectly pink lips made a cute pout as she spoke the part 'Bou.." in the drink's name.

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"Yes, ofcourse!" smiled Lina. "Enjoy your meal Mr. Smith," she continued and turned back to head towards the kitchen to get Smith's drink.

As soon as she turned back, she saw her boss, standing right next to her face.

"Mr. Smith, enjoy your meal," said the boss in a professional tone that was unbeatable. "We have started a new trend in our restaurant. We click photographs of our VIP customers for our social media pages. Do I have your permission?" The boss asked Smith.

While most the visitors refused for this request, Smith was different. He was totally cool about it. And Lina knew it already.

"Ofcourse!" laughed Smith.

The boss took out his Samsung Galaxy S 50+ from his pocket. While he was about to give his mobile to Lina, so that she could click a photograph of him with Smith, something happened that immediately took Lina and her boss by surprise.

"Come here sweet girl! Let's do a picture together," Smith requested Lina as he raised his left arm like he was inviting her for a half-hug.

The boss was dumbstruck, yet being an overly professional guy, continued to smile. He signaled Lina to stand near Smith for a photo.

Lina could not stop blushing. She took a second to set her long crimson hair, moved towards Smith, bent a little to bring her face near Smith's face, and gave out her best smile, a smile that she had reserved only for special occasions. And this was one - a moment to smile. A very special occasion in the life of a girl whom destiny had burdened with so many responsibilities.

Click! Click!

The boss thanked Mr. Smith after having clicked the photos. Lina could not believe what just happened. She was smiling uncontrollably. She looked at Tina standing at the other corner of the hall. Tina stood there smiling, observing everything that had just happened.

"Thank you so much, Mr. Smith. I really appreciate," the boss thanked Smith again.

"You're welcome," replied Smith.

"Enjoy your meal," the boss said as he turned to move back to his cabin.

"Mr. Smith, I'll get your Boulevar..d..d..deer," stammered Lina.

"Bou-levard-ee-ay," corrected Smith again, as he laughed out loud.

Lina turned towards the kitchen, savoring Smith's beautiful smile, and suddenly .. her right foot slipped.. and she fell down on her back.

She had been preventing a fall since morning, but failed to do so just after destiny had given her a moment to smile.

"Oh my God," shouted the boss from his cabin's entrance.

All the men and women in 'blues and blacks' turned their attention towards Lina. Smith immediately got up from his seat and walked hurriedly towards Lina. The boss came running from his cabin door. Both picked her up holding her back and arms. And soon, Lina was back on her feet.

"Are you alright," asked worried Smith. "Is your back fine," he continued.

"I'm okay. I'm okay. I'm not hurt," sighed Lina with a tear in her eye. "I'll bring your Boule..v..v. your drink, Mr. Smith," said Lina as she walked back hastily into the kitchen.

Smith watched Lina going back to the kitchen as he smiled and then laughed at the innocence and clumsiness of the waitress. He walked back to his table to enjoy his 'Chile en nogada'

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