20 Lina's fight with her boss

Author's Note -


There are moments in the lives of people, when they feel that they are destined to live a crappy life. Sadness, frustration and anger fill the hearts, as they begin to feel that life had not been fair to them.

But, there will come a day in the lives of all, when these people will really regret, of how small they thought of their destiny. They will really realize that day - how life is a gift. They will realize how life and suffering is a matter of perspectives. It treats you well some day and unfairly on another. But what matters is what we make of it. What's important is to think beyond one's own troubles, limitations and bring smiles in other people's lives.

But, our main character, the cute waitress, Lina, was being too carefree, allowing her anger and frustration to overcome her thoughts and her actions.


Lina stood at the parking area, as thoughts of what had just happened passed through her brain. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by the ring on her mobile phone, which was kept in the pocket of her 'waitress outfit'.

"Hello! Grandma," Lina answered the call. "W..what? You don't worry grandma. I'll be there as soon as possible," said Lina. "Do we have to go to the hospital?.. Don't worry, please. I'm coming!" she reassured her grandmother.

Lina's grandmother, who had high blood pressure and diabetes, got sick. There was an emergency and she needed to be taken to the hospital, as soon as possible. She had called Lina for this, as she was the only individual in the family, who knew something about 'family responsibilities'. Lina had no option, but to ask for a leave from her already irritated boss.

Lina went to her boss, told him about her grandmother, and the present situation. The boss got very angry. Lina ignored his anger, and every thing that he said, as she swiftly walked towards the restaurant's changing room. She was followed by her boss, who have had enough of the waitress's careless behavior.

"Mr. Robert, there's no need to get angry. You know me.. I wouldn't have asked for a leave if there wasn't an emergency," emphasized Lina to her boss, who stood before her in the changing room.

"Stop it! You say, there's no need to get angry!! You come late to work, without informing me anything.. without paying any attention towards your appearance, while you know for yourself how important it is for a waitress to look presentable," yelled the boss. "Every now and then, you break something because of your careless nature. And most importantly, you kiss customers!!" yelled Mr. Robert.

The very mention of "kissing" took Lina by surprise. She wasn't expecting that.

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"And after all this, you come to me.. and tell me that you want a leave? Is there 'stupid' written on my forehead?" asked the boss angrily as he stared at Lina.

"Mr. Robert, you are being unjust to me," cautioned Lina, as she tried to control her anger and her frustration. "What do you mean by 'kissing customers'? Do I kiss a different customer everyday?" she rebuked.

"I don't care answering your questions. All I know is - you kissed a customer and then slapped him. This is a scandalous behavior, and every other employee is a witness of this incident," scolded the boss. "And you have the audacity to come to me for a leave! How shameful!!" shouted the boss.

Lina was in a hurry. She was too frustrated to pay full attention to what her boss said. The thoughts of what happened to her a few minutes ago, and the emergency situation her grandmother was in made her ignore her boss's lecture. She hurriedly took hold of the laundry bag, that had her casual dress rolled inside, and prepared to leave. "Wait! wait! Mr. Robert, I'm trying to control myself.. and my anger, that comes so naturally to me. I want you to hear this.. for the first and the last time.. I did not kiss that man, he kissed me. There's a big difference between these two situations. You get that?" yelled Lina. "And my grandmother.. she's sick.. and she needs my help. How can you be so insensitive?" rebuked Lina.

"Ms. Lina, you know what! I've something better.. much better than a day's leave. You're fired! You hear that? You're fired. Now, get out of my workplace. I don't want to see you again. I'll pay for the days you've worked here, and then you'll leave this place.. forever!!" yelled the boss pointing angrily towards Lina.

Lina was in no mood to hear any crap either. She pulled out her 'name badge' from her waitress's dress and threw it at her boss. "Take this! And wear it on your forehead!" She shouted.

"Leave this place immediately!" yelled back the boss. "Get out of here, before I call the police," he continued.

"Yes! Call the police. I'll let them know everything that happens in your accounts department.. and how you avoid paying taxes to the government," yelled Lina as she pointed her finger towards her boss and took a step ahead towards him in anger.

Their loud voices were being heard all over the restaurant.

Tina, another waitress, could not stop herself from entering the changing room. She knew that things were going out of control. "Lina! What are you doing? Just calm down!" requested Tina as she gave Lina a half-hug to console her.

"I can't calm down! Can't you hear what this stupid man is saying to me. He said that I kiss customers. WHAT RUBBISH!!" shouted Lina.

"You need a psychiatrist," bellowed the boss as he walked out of the changing room.

"And you need a plastic surgeon for that ugly face of yours!!" shouted Lina back.

"Calm down! Calm down! He's gone," said Tina as she stopped Lina from saying anything, any further.

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