15 Aunt Ning’s anxiety

At the restaurant, 'Savoy Kitchen'..

Aunt Ning, after having convinced Wang to go for the lunch date to meet the girl she had chosen, decided to secretly keep an eye on their lunch date and its proceedings. After what her father-in-law had warned her and her husband, Ning's anxiety level grew many a times. She wanted everything to proceed according to her plan. Any variations from it, could make her state pathetic, as warned by her father-in-law, Mr. Zong.

Ning visited the restaurant, where the date was planned. It was the same restaurant where Lina worked as a waitress. Ning was happy that she was there on time. Neither Wang, nor the chosen girl had reached the scene yet.

"Hello," the receptionist greeted Mrs. Ning as she opened the sitting area's door for her. "Welcome madam!" she continued.

"Thank you! There's a table booked under the name of Mr. Wang. Can you check?" Ning asked the receptionist.

"Just a minute.." requested the receptionist as she checked the register that she was holding. "Yes, there is a booking. This way please!" The receptionist pointed towards the table that was booked under Wang's name as she walked towards it to escort Ning.

"No, wait! I would like to have a table from where I can clearly see Mr. Wang's table," demanded Ning as she continued to walk and evaluate the vacant restaurant tables based upon their view towards Wang's table. "That one's perfect! I'll take that," said an anxious Ning as she chose a table in the corner with a direct line of visibility towards Wang's table.

"As you say!" replied the visibly confused receptionist as she noted down the details on her register and walked back to the reception area.

Ning sat down on her chosen spot. "Oh God! Look at the state I'm in. Enough is enough! From now on, I'm going to keep a check on everything. I'll be following everything closely now, or we won't get anywhere," mumbled an anxious Ning, talking to herself, trying to calm down her nerves. But that did not help. She was too disturbed and anxious, desperately waiting for Wang and the chosen girl to come.


Ning was soon approached by a waitress.

"Good afternoon madam, what would you like to order?" asked the polite crimson haired waitress with the cutest face on this planet. It was Lina.

"I...I don't want anything. Ohh!! J.. Just bring me anything," stammered Ning who was too anxious to talk to anyone.

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"Anything?" asked the cute confused waitress, Lina.

"Hmm. Get me Caesar's salad. Yes! get me that. Nothing more," demanded the anxious lady with the pixie haircut as she anxiously looked at the main door waiting for Wang and the girl.

"And what would you like to drink?" asked Lina.... "I'll get you the drinks menu," continued Lina, after she received no response from Ning, who was too engrossed in looking at her wrist watch, then the main door and the table booked for Wang's lunch date.

"Okay okay!" replied Ning as she continued to look at the main door.

Aunt Ning's wait was soon over.


A gorgeous blonde, in a classic black dress covered in intricate lace, walked into the restaurant, like a celebrity walking on the red carpet. A dramatic smokey eye and a bold red lip could not be carried in a better manner.

She approached the receptionist and inquired about the table booked under Mr. Wang's name. She stood tall but her gaze was cast downward. He face, illuminated with the reception's lights, looked like being illuminated by the paparazzi cameras. One of her hands was by her head, about to tuck her hair behind her hair. The reception's lights reflected off the dazzling diamonds she had on her fingers and her bracelet. A showstopper, for sure!!

"Hi! I have a date with Mr. Wang," said the blonde to the receptionist. "Do you mind showing me his table? Thank you," she continued.

"Hello, Please follow me, so I can take you to Mr. Wang's table," requested the receptionist.

The receptionist walked towards the table as the gorgeous blonde followed her, catwalking on the way to her destination - Mr. Wang's table.

Aunt Ning watched and observed everything that was happening. And she was more than happy.. positive, satisfied and confident. "Yes! She's the one! Just perfect!" Reassured Ning to herself. The blonde's catwalk, the way she carried herself, her beauty and her visibly high attitude had impressed Ning. She was confident that Wang would like the girl.

"This is it, madam. Mr. Wang's table," smiled the receptionist.

"Thanks," smiled back the blonde as she walked confidently towards the table to have her seat. After sitting down, she kept her diamond studded clutch on the table, took out her mobile to check if there were any missed calls or messages on it and began to wait for Wang.

Aunt Ning was observing every gesture of the blonde. And she couldn't be more impressed.

"Perfect! Just perfect! Let's hope for the best !" smiled Ning as she breathed a sigh of relief and began to wait for Wang.

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