1 A Note From Author

Miracles happen to those who believe in them. This was said by a famous philosopher. I don't believe in this.

I believe that miracles happen..no matter you believe in them or not. Miracles even happen to those who don't believe in them, but they might not realize it to be a miracle. They might just think it an unusual occurrence.

They say, that life is what happens to you while you are busy planning. We think that it is we who are planning, but destiny plays it however it wants. Sometimes it feels like we are puppets. We may plan anything we want but still, we find ourselves in unknown places.

Sometime life pushes us to the bottom of well, and we have to stay there till it is destined. And suddenly destiny raises us above the clouds.

This is exactly why we should believe in miracles. Even in the worst days ever. Even in the moments you say - "I'm done here, there is no way out of it." Believe that a miracle will come and knock at the door.

For me, the biggest miracle in one's life is 'love'.

Love is a miracle, a magic, a spell, a jackpot, unbeatable wish, unavoidable intense desire, a beautiful journey, unexplainable feeling, an ultimate formula and what all words I can use to explain are less than what it is in reality. It is one such feeling that will make you love yourself more and more… how? well bit difficult to explain as it's a subject to feel.

When you love someone or someone loves you, they accept you the way you are… with all your flaws and weaknesses, yet that person make you feel so special. You will start looking at yourself from their eyes, their opinions and point of view.

That person's only intention is to make you feel happy, worthy and lovable. Gradually that feeling will becomes motto of your life- to make that person happy, improve yourself, care of yourself and that person who becomes world for you.

Nothing changes, but you start loving your chores, surrounding, people, neighbor, mates and almost all activities. Love fills your life with happiness, satisfaction and perfection, which makes you better human being.

But the question arises - When will you meet your love? Does every person on this planet take birth with this 'miracle of love' written in their destiny?

Fortunately, Lina was, but in a very funny, unique and crazy way.

This lighthearted romantic comedy will satisfy you for almost eternity. The story line and the character description is almost too catchy and it will surely get stuck in your head. Any instance of conflict is quickly followed up with comic relief or swoon-worthy romance. All of these cheerful elements are written for an easy-going reading pleasure of the readers.

Lets begin ..


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