The CEO's Painted SkinThe CEO's Painted Skin

The CEO's Painted Skin

by Lizabelle88

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{COMPLETED} The twin sisters, Catherine and Caroline, robbed an old ancestral house out of pressing necessity. Unfortunately they were caught empty handed by the owner himself and his bodyguards. To avoid jail time, something needs to be in exchange for their freedom. What happened next...? A tumultuous, intense and passionate love story between Catherine and the owner named John began to take shape in each chapters of the story. ~~~~~ For John, his first encounter with Catherine was embroiled with lust, not proper and wasn't even built on a solid ground. He thought he already lost her. But he nurtured and kept her memory alive in his mind. How many times he was willing to chase the woman he loves? For Catherine, she met John for the first time in a cruel stroke of destiny.Something happened between them. But he left a lasting impression on her. He was her first kiss, the first guy she was physically intimate with. But he wasn't even her boyfriend! He was just a stranger that appeared in her life once, but the imprint he left on her body, his gentleness and his generosity was bound to hunt her forever. How long she can deny the true beating of her heart? In another time their path was destined to cross again... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *** This novel is controversial, gripping and mind engaging! But more importantly you will be amazed of one man's enduring love for one woman 'till the very end. It's rare to find a guy who's love for a woman can endure the test of time... *** If you don't like the novel, please don't bash the novel and the Author. This is a work of fiction, although some of the events and scenes in the story happens in real life...still everything in this story was a work of fiction, please don't take it personally. Thank you! ~My Other novels in this site~ * The Last Embrace~ Vampire Fantasy Romance, 472 chapters, completed. * Sweet Surrender: The CEO's Second Wife~ ongoing. * The Tale of Three Sisters ~ ongoing.

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