Walking out of the supermarket and stepping into the scorching sun and the crowd she held on to the little girl by her side more tightly.

She strode into the next supermarket opposite of the one she had come out from. She looked like a mad woman though she was just a young lady of twenty-five years she turned by her side to see her baby girl using her hand to shield her eyes from the scorching sun.

Finally it was her turn to step in. Looking at her from head to toe the security man couldn't believe a young beautiful lady could dress up in the way she did. Raising her head to look at the security man she tilted her head to the left in a question like manner.

The security man could see more people lining up at the back of the young lady so he started shaking her bag out Incase of any thing (She didn't look normal =_=) After searching he asked "Sorry ma'am but which department are you heading to?" " kitchen utensils department." Xueyan said, already getting tired of standing in the sun for long. "Sorry ma'am. But your child isn't allowed there..." The security man was caught short by Xueyan.

"What do you mean not allowed in there?" She never knew such rules existed but how could she know such things existed?

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 "You have to drop her off because if she gets hurt you won't be compensated, drop her off at the security house by your left and make sure to get a code number for if you don't you might not be able to pick her up after shopping." The security man had wanted to raise his voice at her but then remembering he was In no position to he smiled while talking. 'So my child's now a tool?' She asked herself and took her baby into the supermarket, bending beside her she said "Baby, mommy's going shopping. We need new utensils, the ones at home are either old or chopped which will bring bad luck do you understand?"

Her little face beamed with happiness as she no longer felt the scorching sun on her skin and she nodded. She dropped her off and turned to leave but was pulled back by someone, turning around she saw a middle-aged security woman and the woman asked. "Are you going to be long? I hope she isn't a crybaby?" "No she isn't" Xueyan said smiling at her baby girl who smiled back.

The little girl had wanted to complain but then hearing her mother's confidence she decided to be a good little princess her mother had always called her. Taking the code she walked down to the KUD. She had taken a trolley and inside the trolley was a set of stainless pot, three beautiful sets of different plates, a dozen each of the cutleries and two cartons of mugs which had a total of six mugs each in it. Walking to the next shelf she found pans hanging loosely and believed that was the accident the security man had talked about and picked two also went to the knives shelf she picked two.

Turning to leave she remembered she hadn't picked cooking spoons and went to pick two as well. She was about to leave when she caught sight of different little cooking spoons made of plastic, it had flower designs all over it and mostly pink colored, smiling she picked one and lay it down gently like it was an egg. She will give it to her little princess whom liked to cook alongside her.

At the counter the young lass smiled to show off her beautiful white set of teeth and asked "Madam, did you recently got married?"

Xueyan face twisted and she looked down to see her empty ring finger and answered with a question "And if I may ask of what reason might you be asking?"

"Because of the things in your trolley and there are free gifts for our customers 'the recently got married' 'the women who just put to bed' and 'the ones of the older age'." The younger lady said smiling as she pointed to her left showing off the board of notice and everything it contained.

Xueyan gave a deep sigh as she saw she could get free food stuffs, whatever food stuff she might need and get her daughter provisions until she reached $1500. 'A lot of money will be lost just for the customers?' she asked herself and said to the young lady "No, tho I'm a mother of a 7 years old child." The young smiled more to acknowledge Xueyan and stretching her hands forward to take the card from Xue's hand.


A mother and son pair walked into the food department a compartment of the KUD. The woman was holding a young boy of about seven years old who was dressed in a way that showed off his background.

He stopped mid-way and was reluctant to go any further after he had seen fishes flying out of their big bowls. Shiya turned to look at the little cutie and forced herself to display the best smile she could muster before asking in a 'Sweet mother tone' "Son, baby what is the problem?"

"I can't go any further, you go get what you need and I will wait over here." Zhihao said.

"And why is that so?" Shiya asked.

"The fishes are still very much alive and flying out of their bowls and I hate that." He said and yes she knew he hated alot of things including herself and it would never change.

"Okay. Go stand over there." Shiya said pointing to a corner where she believed he would prefer. Nodding Hao left Shiya standing all by herself as she watched his back.

He truly was the son of his father though not by blood but he still was the man's son anyway. She was trying all her very best to get Zhihao to love and acknowledge her as a part of his life but that was even a much harder mission than getting her husband's love and first name. She knew for a fact that if she could get the boy to love her or at least like her she would gain more grounds in the Xings household as a whole. She was married to one of the richest man in the world and the number one in China as a whole.

She was given all she asked for be it money, jewelries, branded bags and clothes and even changed cars like she changed her menu but couldn't get the father and son to love her. If only Xing Zhihao will call her mom she would make the whole of Shanghai bow before her as one of the highest respected Empress of an Empire. Shiya wouldn't stop anytime soon though, her mother had helped her get into the Xing's household and she must get the man's heart for her and her mother to climb higher.

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