227 The wife vs The mom Part5

To begin his ardent ritual of cultivation, Luther closed his eyes and centered his mind, slipping into the familiar meditative state within seconds.

Wisps of energy, concentrated by the spiritual qi gathering array around the house, floated around him, ready to enter his body and merge into him at any moment.

But suddenly…

Arghhhh!! A loud shriek echoed!

Both Su Lin and Luther's eyes flashed open and they turned around to see Ella standing at their bedroom door shaking and convulsing in a sort of anguish.

John as well was standing right behind her with an equally flabbergasted expression.

"The devil!" Ella screamed.

A white misty substance covered her body as she trembled and took a couple of steps back.

Both Luther and Su Lin hurried over to the elders, confused as to what was going on.

Aren't they also cultivators?? So why are they having this strange reaction?

"Ahhhhh… My poor son…"

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