225 The wife vs The mom Part3

Watching the mother, father, and son trio hug each other and cry, Su Lin smiled.

"What a cheesy scene…" She muttered. But her eyes were starting to tear up as well.

Luther had never once talked about finding his birth parents or anything of that sort.

It could only bring one sadness… hoping for such unrealistic things…

So she was pretty sure this came as a complete surprise to him just as it was a surprise for her.

Su Lin watched the handsome man being coddled like a child by his loving parents and silently slipped out of the room, giving the family of three some privacy.

She patted Little white and went into the kitchen to brew some tea for the elders.

She carefully picked out a few rejuvenating herbs and even made sure that the resulting mixture tasted well after boiling them and draining the leaves out.

She wanted to make a good impression on them.

It has been a long time since she belonged to an actual family.

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