223 The wife vs The mom Part1

Just as half of Luther's brothers left Hangzhou city in the middle of the night, several other strangers descended into the city the next morning, along with a middle aged couple.

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Weirdly, a similar ethereal aura lingered around the dozen men and women and the middle aged couple.

A strange innate power surged within them, completely different from the strong and sturdy cultivation cores that Su Lin and her disciples relied on.

3 am, Hangzhou city airport:

A middle aged woman walked hand in hand with her husband. The woman had an unnaturally strong aura, but her current countenance seemed extremely nervous and anxious.

The tiredness however did not mar the beauty of her elegant figure. The middle aged woman surprisingly looked mesmerizing beyond belief.

The other travellers in the airport couldn't help but cast glances at her and even gawk at her openly, wondering if she was some sort of European celebrity.

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