60 Su Lin's new cheerleader

"Are you really not upset?" Runyan asked, as she curiously studied Su Lin's face for signs of human emotions.

The past few days had been painfully slow.

Leaning on the window sill, Su Lin put down the box of herbs she was playing with and gazed at the road and the people walking by.

She absent-mindedly replied. "Yes, dear."

Though their week was slow, with their new influx of cash, Su Lin had plenty of time and money to entertain herself with several different herbs and interesting concoctions.

Even for just 3 herbs, there are 6 different combinations with just 2 herbs mixed together at a time. 

With a batch of 30 different herbs, dry and fresh, there were at least 1000 different possible combinations, each with diverse properties.

With this, when you add in the factors such as temperature and pressure, the list further increases. Not to mention using catalysts. 

Though she was in a different world, the basics of alchemy still remained the same at its very heart.

 Letting out a long sigh, Su Lin decided to head out for a while for some light workout, one of the benefits of a slow day at the shop.

She has been working out regularly ever since she transmigrated to this world. 

The previous Su Lin had absolutely no faith in any kind of fitness routine. The body was extremely weak with an abysmal muscle to fat ratio.

But the new Su Lin very ardently believed in rigorous training. There is no beauty or power without basic fitness. 

Just when she was about to head out, unexpectedly a well-dressed middle-aged woman was standing at the door. 

"Is the shop closed miss?" she asked.

Overjoyed, Su Lin changed her schedule in an instant and answered back without hesitation, " Not at all. Come in."

The woman, Mrs. Zhenghai strolled in casually and took a seat. From the looks of it, the woman definitely belonged to the high-class society.

She looked around the shop and knitted her brows together. "So you are the up and coming beautician who sold Mrs.Guo that moisturizer?" She asked.

Mrs. Guo was one of mama Meng's friends who had previously visited Su Lin's shop along with Mrs. Su.

While Mama Meng had merely joked about Mrs. Guo gifting the nasty moisturizer to her competition, the latter actually took her seriously and did just the same.

However, little did she know that the moisturizer was actually quite good and her plan ended up backfiring.

That's how mama Meng ended up being Su Lin's second-biggest cheerleader, right after Grandpa Su.

And now, Mrs. Zhenghai was currently sitting in front of Su Lin with a glowing magically healthy-looking skin!

"Mrs. Guo?" Su Lin was blanking out. Of course, she zoned out for most parts of that event last week. 

Still not sure she added, "I do sell moisturizers if you want to take a look at them."

"Yes yes of course. The one I used last week was amazing! I really hope you have more." Mrs. Zhenghai replied enthusiastically.

Smiling Su Lin handed the sample bottle to her and said, "Is this the one you used?"

Taking a little moisturizer on the spatula Mrs. Zhenghai tried it on her skin and immediately replied. 

"Yup. This is the one! How do you make this dear?! It is so amazing, better than the branded products."

Surprised Su Lin replied, "It is completely organic. I personally don't like putting chemicals on my skin."

Mrs. Zhenghai nodded and agreed, "Yes, you are absolutely right. Most of the chemicals have a long-term side effect even if short term nothing is noticeable!"

"Please keep up the good work. Give me 5 of these. Do you have any other products dear?"

Thinking deeply, Su Lin replied, "I am working on some other things but nothing finished yet."

She handed over 5 bottles of moisturizer to Mrs. Zhenghai. "How about I let you know when I have more products for you to try?"

The woman beamed and nodded.

"How much do I owe you, dear?" Mrs. Zhenghai got ready to leave and asked.

"That would be 1500 yuans per bottle. 7500 in total." Su Lin gave her previously calculated numbers.

Mrs. Zhenghai was surprised a little bit still decided to buy them anyway, "Expensive but definitely worth the price." She left smiling.

Runyan was shocked. They still hadn't narrowed down on a price yet and so she was surprised when Su Lin quoted that ridiculously high cost.

"Lin Lin, that's a bit expensive. I don't think many people will cough up that much money. Are you sure you want to sell it at that rate ?" She asked concerned.

"Yes yes. I am sure. Last week when I was checking out other cosmetic shops, I saw that more people preferred the expensive stuff over cheaper stuff. Apparently the more expensive it is, the better quality it has?!" Su Lin innocently answered.

Runyan could only laugh at that crazy logic. Since she was also new to this, she decided to broach this topic again after some time.

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