27 Spiritual energy on earth? Part2

"Ahhh?" The store manager was stunned, but she could only helplessly follow Su Lin as she dragged her to a corner of the store.

Behind them, Yin Yue was fuming in anger and throwing a tantrum, but since the dress in question was already in her possession, she couldn't create any more trouble.

She gritted her teeth and glared at the woman angrily before storming out of the store. In the end, she didn't even end up buying anything.

"Wait. I will thoroughly humiliate you in today's gala." She cursed Su Lin and walked away.

But little did she know that Su Lin wouldn't even be attending the gala...

Back in the dimly lit storage space store corner, Su Lin grabbed the middle-aged woman in front of her with a fervent expression on her face.

"Which sect are you from? What technique do you practice? Where do you cultivate the heaven's energy from?"

The poor woman blankly stared back at Su Lin with her mouth agape. What was this person saying? Cultivation? Heaven's energy?

The store manager was so confused. And on top of that, she was also scared. She couldn't help but worry about the mental stability of the woman in front of her!

"Do you not practice cultivation? Listen there is no point in lying. I am one of you. Don't worry your secret is safe with me."

"Look here, lady. I really do not understand what you are talking about. And I have had enough of this."

"Clearly you are not right in the head. You better leave now, before I call security." The store manager broke out into a cold sweat and decided to kick out the man woman.

She knew that she had to be polite to the customers, but she did not sign up for this.

The woman in front of her spouted nonsense and looked outright crazy!! Who would dare to continue arguing with a clinically mental patient?!

She looked sternly at the woman in front of her and pointed her hand, asking her to move away.

Understanding that the conversation was only getting worse, and the other person was not even following her thoughts, Su Lin gave up.

She calmly stepped away and asked a final question before leaving, "Where do you come from and where do you live for most days of the year?"

"Listen I am not giving you my home address but I am from one of the great Himalayan tribes and we live in that area. Now get out of here or I am calling the security."

The store manager snapped back and hurried away from that corner. Damn it! They needed to put more security in the store!

Two women walked in and created trouble, but both didn't buy anything! What the heck?

On the other hand, Su Lin had a unnaturally calm expression on her face, as she walked out. As her knees felt weak, she leaned on a wall and let out a long sigh of relief.

Her entire being felt exhilarated! She had been wrong. There was indeed spiritual energy in this dry barren planet.

Just now, she unmistakable detected faint traces of minute spiritual energy particles on the store manager.

"Himalayas huh?" Su Lin murmured as she hurriedly headed back to the Su family villa.

After entering this world, for the very first time, she saw the faintest hope of recovering her cultivation base and soul energy.

In this world, money might be a powerful player, but real strength and power still trumped everything else. So Su Lin did not waste any further time and swiftly ran over to Grandpa Su.

She put on another show of sadness and misery and convinced Grandpa Su that she needed to take a vacation to clear her mind.

"I want to visit the serene Himalayan mountains and settle my heart Grandpa." She innocently looked at the old man and coaxed him to fund her trip to the Himalayan ranges.

It was just a matter of flight tickets and hotel accommodations. So Grandpa Su didn't question her too much and gave her some money to take a small vacation.

He even helped her with travel arrangements and asked the driver to personally send her over to the airport. His only disappointment was that he could not accompany her to such a spiritual and amazing place.

"Poor child. Must be really suffering. Being separated from her husband at such a young age must be hard on her." The old man nodded his head with pity.

Su Lin did not waste any time and immediately left for the airport to catch the earliest possible flight. 

She packed lightly and disappeared from the villa at lightning speed!

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