79 No more baldies Part2

Before the unfortunate chain of events this morning, Su Lin and Runyan had actually landed on a brilliant impactful plan.

What is the one thing, for which people go crazy? What is the one product, for which there is a 100% guaranteed, "let me at least try it once" vibe?

Yup, hair growth products.

It's a billion-dollar industry, by itself, if successful.

The entire planet cares more about a bunch of dead cells on their head than anything else.

The looks which people give to a head, full of shiny black hair, are on an entirely different level compared to a clean bald head.

Runyan, who was sitting next to her and documenting everything, shook her head in helplessness.

Sis, when I meant help a sick celebrity, I was thinking more on the lines of someone with a kidney problem or liver problem!!

Why are you so wasteful with your insane medicinal talents! Who cares about a bunch of bald heads!

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