52 And the clothes come off Part5

Su Lin stood frozen on the spot unable to move away from the grasp of the carnivorous eyes threatening to devour her wholly.

"I said… Why are you wearing something another man gifted so casually?"

Luther repeated slowly enunciating his words. 

The gentle movements his lips made while he uttered these heavy words made them brush against her cherry red lips.

She shivered at this slight touch as she felt an electric current coursing through her body.

The feeling of his eyelashes fluttering against hers made her blink, though her mind was still in a trance.

But suddenly, she felt something loosen.


Su Lin snapped out of her trance only to realize that her dress had been harshly torn apart by the man's feral strength.

The thin red dress that had perfectly clung to her body contouring her curves was lying on the floor, completely destroyed and torn apart.

Su Lin's first emotion was blind fury but the gentle breeze coming in through the open window caressed her body and reminded her that she was almost naked now.

Her snow-white skin was revealed, out in the open, for everyone to see.

Her trembling body only had the thin negligible undergarments as its shield against the devil standing in front of her.

"You…" Su Lin shouted in anger.

She brashly pushed down the lean muscular man who was harassing her and tried to step away, but the asshole dragged her with him as he fell down on the carpeted bedroom floor.

Luther bore the full brunt of the fall with his back to the floor, making sure that Su Lin didn't get hurt, and landed on top of him.

But as soon as he hit the ground, he stealthily switched places and pinned her tightly to the floor.

Su Lin was a step too late. 

No matter how much she tried she couldn't wiggle herself free from under his body.

She knew that she should be worrying about her almost naked body being pressed tightly against him, but her mind was lingering around the fact that the man was faster than her.

Did he undergo some special training to pin people down? She wondered.

But Luther's hot breath brought her attention back to the devilishly handsome man crushing her down.

This time he didn't restrain himself, he plunged into the woman's dark black eyes as deep as the ocean and licked her lips, before daringly pressing down on her lips.

Su Lin struggled and shut her mouth tightly preventing the beast from invading any further. 

She couldn't understand why he was being so fierce today.

They were both strangers and she didn't know him from adam but she definitely knew that he was a genuinely good person.

So she couldn't quite decipher his actions tonight.

Was he jealous?

Is he acting like this because he got jealous?

But aren't they complete strangers? Why should he be jealous?

Her mind reeled as the man repeatedly nibbled on her lips until they were raw. 

He showered angry fierce kisses on her face to his heart's content.

He sucked on her neck till there was a dark mark left behind as an unforgettable memory of the night's events.

Su Lin could sense that every ounce of his restraint and sanity had already been completely broken down.

Her heart was racing.

Conflicting emotions assaulted her mind and she didn't want to let this continue for much longer.

She willingly parted her lips, very slightly, inviting the man's tongue inside, only to cruelly bite down on him the next instant.

She definitely drew blood. A metallic taste lingered in her mouth.

But her efforts were successful. The pain from her bite brought the man back to his senses.

Luther stopped kissing her. He looked at her with a blank regretful expression on his face.

His eyes shone with pain and sadness.

After gazing into her eyes for an unknown period of time, Luther abruptly stood up. 

He then grabbed a jar full of water from the nightstand near her bed and dunked it unceremoniously on the woman still weakly sprawled on the floor.

Su Lin used her hands to block the onslaught, but it was already too late. Water splashed all over her enchanting face and chest.

"You don't need this clown make up to look beautiful." He murmured and disappeared out the windows.

Su Lin was still in shock. 

Bits and pieces of her eyeliner, her make up were dripping from her face onto the carpeted floor as she blankly stared at the ceiling.

All this time, she wanted to beat him into a pulp and teach him how to talk to a woman respectfully, but the man's stupid arrogant words slightly warmed her heart.

"What the heck? Did he just call my work of art a clown make up?" Su Lin's lips curled upward in amusement.

She slowly lifted her hand and covered her eyes with her forearm.

Tears streamed down her face.

Someone was once again banging loudly on a door she had locked a long time ago.

A door that no matter what… she was never going to open ever again…

This man was dangerous.

She was painfully aware of the fact that she desperately needed to stay away from him... at all costs... 

Su Lin stared at the ceiling for a long time lost in her thoughts, before standing up and washing away the memories of the night under the shower.

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