51 And the clothes come off Part4

Su Lin contently chatted with Grandpa Su for some more time, almost unable to control her laughter at the two women glaring at her.

Both Mama Meng and Tang Yue were burning in jealousy. They almost looked like their body was literally going to burst into flames at any given instant.

Su Lin kept glancing at them from time and time and happily smiled like an innocent bunny.

Only when she was satisfied with the amount of wrath she had incurred for the evening, she finally decided to leave.

To make matters worse, she even went out of her way to personally greet the two special ladies again before leaving the banquet hall with Runyan.

Mama Meng was ready to erupt at her, but Tang Yue was more level headed and held the old hag's hand to calm her down.

Then under the watchful eyes of the several interested parties, Su Lin and Runyan finally stepped outside and got into their cab.

The entire evening Runyan kept peeking at her friend again and again in awe and amazement. 

Lately, Su Lin had been surprising her a lot. Every single action of hers was daring and decisive and even ruthless.

The Su Lin she knew would never do anything like this in the fear of hurting someone knowingly or unknowingly.

That is why she had always suffered a lot.

But Runyan was not in the least impressed or happy with this change. 

Being Su Lin's only genuine and caring friend, her mind only lingered around the pain Su Lin would have had to face to change into someone like this, a polar opposite of her character!

And the worst part was that, when Su Lin was undergoing so much pain, Runyan was not there with her to support her and cherish her.

The heartless demons didn't even allow her to talk to Su Lin.

But that was all already in their past… In this new beginning, she would never let her friend suffer all alone ever again.

Runyan sighed in relief as she gently lifted a finger to wipe the few drops of tears threatening to fall down from her eyes.

"Lin Lin, Can you drop me off here? I want to go to the library to do some reading." Runyan mumbled with resoluteness in her eyes.

When her friend was working so hard, she wanted to do her part in helping their progress. 

Even if it was already ten in the night, she still decided to visit the library and get some business management related books.

"Take a cab when you are done." Su Lin smiled and sent her friend of. 

She was tired from working hard these past few days and was ready to drop dead on her bed after returning to the guest house.

But unfortunately….

Just as she neared the guest house, Su Lin could already sense the presence of a third party in her home.

Clasping her head with her hands, Su Lin groaned in annoyance. She somehow exactly knew who and what was waiting for her upstairs!

"Damn it! Why won't he just leave me alone?" She muttered as she fidgeted with her keys on the door.

Su Lin banged the door open and angrily stomped over to her upstairs bedroom.

She knew that the handsome soul-sucking devil was once again waiting for her.

There was no surprise there. But she did feel like something was off today…

As soon as Su Lin opened her bedroom door, she could immediately feel the sub-zero temperature inside the room.

An ethereally stunning man was sitting on her bed like a king with a deadly aura. 

The usually narcissistic and smirking hateful guy for some reason looked particularly gloomy and grumpy today.

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An almost visible black murky feeling could be seen seeping out of all his pores.

Su Lin didn't care though. She entered into the room with her guns blazing and angrily scoffed.

"You… Just how many times do I have to drive you away??"

But the next second, her heart skipped a beat. Luther glared at her as if he was the predator eyeing a prey.

His obsidian eyes that seemed unfathomable gripped Su Lin making her stop in her tracks.

Before she could react, the man who was sulking just a few seconds ago had already leaped forward and stood right next to her.

He was so close to her, that Su Lin could feel the man's burning warmth on her face, neck, and ears.

He leaned in even closer and whispered in her ears. "Why are you wearing something another man gifted so casually?"

"Huh?" Su Lin blinked in confusion.

She turned her head to meet his eyes, but found herself face to face with him, with their lips almost touching.

Su Lin stood frozen unable to move away from the grasp of his carnivorous eyes.

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