50 And the clothes come off Part3

Su Lin was satisfied with Shi Meng's baffled expression and walked away with a big smile dancing on her cherry red lips.

Her original plan to emotionally blackmail Grandpa Su into investing in her company, might not work anymore. 

But she no longer needed that route, since the foreigner Robert intervened and caused quite a commotion.

Now that he was interested in her product, Grandpa Su would naturally treat her more seriously pay heed to her efforts.

So Su Lin decided to retire her damsel in distress act for the evening and have some fun showing off her beautiful figure, before leaving the party.

Because her economic and social status held her back, this is the utmost she could irritate and anger the mother and son pair in her current condition.

She might simply be living her own life for now, but by no means had she forgotten the grievances of her body's previous owner.

She would definitely pay back every cent of cruelty and malice that was owed to the Shi family by the previous Su Lin.

Su Lin elegantly and gracefully glided into the banquet hall and walked over to Grandpa Su.

Just like everyone else around him, the old man's eyes as well widened in surprise. This young woman really cleaned up nice!

She looked very beautiful and elegant, a complete contrast to her earlier appearance.

Even Robert was slightly surprised at the end result. He couldn't help but steal a few glances at the freshly arrived beauty.

"You… You gave her my dress?" Robert's sister, Angela Hissenger, standing next to him, threw a fist at him in frustration.

She had personally picked out that dress that morning from the designer's vast collection! And her brother had happily gifted it to someone else!

"Don't you have several closets full of clothes like this?" Robert chuckled and didn't look guilty in the least.

"Awww… Would you look at this! Is my indifferent workaholic brother finally showing an interest in women?" Angela teased him, with a wide grin on her face.

But she was confused… This woman… 

She didn't really seem that extraordinary for her genius brother to be pulled in??

She did have a mysterious aura about her, but everything else screamed ordinary and plain. 

She looked at her brother, who was still gazing at the woman in the red dress, and shook her head helplessly.

Even great philosophers can't tell what makes someone fall in love, so how could she decipher this weirdness? 

Well, whatever… As long as her brother was happy!

Angela chuckled and sipped the wine in her glass.

Next to her, Robert's eyes were still visibly lingering on Su Lin's delicate figure.

"Grandpa. I will take my leave now. I will meet you again at the Su villa next week." Su Lin smiled and slightly bowed, a perfect picture of a filial young woman.

 "Good child. You should definitely come to the house for lunch and stay the entire day." Grandpa Su patted Su Lin and nodded with satisfaction.

How could that brat not like such a beautiful princess? He shook his head in disappointment as he threw a disgruntled look at Mama Meng.

The old woman cringed and turned away, with her entire being bubbling with anger and animosity.

Next to her, Tang Yue was also in a very similar boat.

Both ladies could only gnash their teeth and stare at the mesmerizing phoenix in front of them with their eyes and heart full of contempt and malice.

Just as everyone was stunned and amazed at Su Lin's beauty and grandeur, a single forgotten pair of eyes flashed angrily from the shadows.

Not one but two men had been eyeing Su Lin all evening long, that too right under his nose!

But all he could do was patiently wait and watch from the shadows!

Noticing Luther's violent aura unleashed, Monkey backed away a few steps and awkwardly chuckled. "Boss, there seem to be a lot of pretty boys around our cutie huh?"

Monkey's random remark poked directly at his oozing wound, making Luther turn around and glare at him as if he was going to kill him.

"You madman!! What are you angry for? Aren't we leaving the city tonight? Why do you care who she is with?" Monkey immediately gulped and ran away from that spot.

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