48 And the clothes come off Part1

"Hi, Mr. Robert! I didn't think you would personally visit this old man's birthday banquet!" Grandpa Su's mustache jiggled as the man excitedly shook the handsome foreigner's hands.

"The pleasure is mine. Mr. Su Zhiyuan." Robert cordially smiled and returned the old man's greetings.

"I was just telling our beautiful friend here that her product is very good." He chuckled and turned towards Su Lin.

"Oh. Thanks." Su Lin nodded, with a big smile plastered on her face.

The three started discussing traditional medicine and herbal alternatives in modern science, as several pairs of envious eyes glanced at the trio.

Su Han smiled and joined the conversation as well since he didn't want to miss this opportunity to get to know Robert Hissenger.

A few other businessmen also daringly butted in and inserted themselves in the conversation, and inevitably Su Lin was slowly pushed out and forgotten.

Robert noticed it from the corner of his eyes, but since this was a public birthday banquet, he decided it was best to talk more to this mysterious amusing woman later in private. So he didn't bother approaching her again for the time being.

"Ha Ha. See, no matter what trash will eventually be pushed out!" Mama Meng glared at Su Lin as she and Tang Yue walked over to her.

"Oh give it a rest, you old goat!" Su Lin snapped at her and started to walk away from that spot. Since Grandpa Su was not present in the vicinity, there was no need for her to continue acting like a delicate little flower.

"What did you just say?" Mama Meng sneered at her and brashly step forward to land a tight slap on the young woman's frail cheeks.

But Su Lin could see that big paw coming at her from miles away and easily evaded the attack, by leaning slightly to her left.

The mocking smile on her face only angered Mama Meng further. She loudly harrumphed and the next second the enraged woman threw the glass in her hand straight at Su Lin.

And OOPS! 

A loud crash echoed in the banquet hall instantly drawing everyone's attention.

Since they were standing in close proximity to each other, the glass in itself did not harm Su Lin, but the wine inside had been completely emptied out on Su Lin's clothes.

Her coral-colored short dress became slightly transparent after getting drowned in the expensive white wine.

Her slender waist and the outlines of her inner garments were clearly visible.

With so many eyes on her, even Su Lin couldn't help but feel slightly uncomfortable. 

Her main goal this evening was already accomplished and now her dress was also ruined, so she turned around to leave and head back home.

But how could Tang Yue let her leave that easily? 

Since Shi Meng's obsidian eyes seem to be always fixated on Su Lin, she wanted to use this opportunity to humiliate Su Lin some more.

She immediately hurried over and held on tightly to Su Lin's arms in the name of apologizing.

"Sorry, Lin Lin. It's my bad. Please don't blame Mrs. Shi." She worriedly mumbled, apologizing on Mama Meng's behalf.

Not only did she prevent Su Lin from leaving the embarrassing scene, but she also instantly earned a few browny points from the smugly seething Mama Meng. 

Su Lin sneered inside. How meticulous!

Her eyes glanced at the angry bull who simply didn't seem to care about the scene she had caused.

She covered her mouth as if she didn't care and softly mumbled. "Ah. It's okay. It's okay. I am just as clumsy as you sometimes. Ha Ha."

"What a sweet young woman!" Grandpa Su walked over and patted Su Lin. He smiled contently at her warm nature and kind demeanor.

If Tang Yue was trying to get browny points from Shi Meng's mother, Su Lin was equally competing with her by trying to earn browny points from Grandpa Su.

Robert's lips curled up in amusement. 

Though he was in another corner of the room, in the midst of talking to other businessmen, he noticed the ruckus happening in the banquet ball. 

The woman in front of him did not even care one iota about the wine that spilled on her dull discount priced random dress. 

In fact, she looked like she was glad that it happened.

He subtly chuckled and whispered something to his assistant, who was standing near him.

Next to him, Angela, as well, was watching her brother's actions with her interests piqued. 

Robert's assistant quickly disappeared and returned after a few minutes. 

He held in hands a high-end custom-made dress bag and politely handed it to Su Lin.

"Huh?" Su Lin was confused. Why was a random person giving her something?

The assistant pointed to Robert, and Su Lin followed his finger to gaze at the mesmerizing blonde human grinning at her.

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