The CEO's Highschool Sweetheart Book

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The CEO's Highschool Sweetheart


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Qinqin and Enrique were childhood sweethearts and highschool lovers. 11 years after highschool Qinqin becomes Enrique's new personal assistant. Perhaps now old flames will reignite but no. Enrique has changed. He isn't the former nice and cute nerd boy who had proposed to her in the highschool hallways with his grandmother's wedding ring. He's hotter, richer and dangerous now. He hates her and is more than ready to make her life a living hell. ~~~~~ He pinned her to the wall. Enrique's tense body loomed over her. She tried to resist but the firm muscles of his arms kept her in place and it gave her no option than to look him in the eye. She could feel his hot breath on her skin and it gave her chills, she could almost taste the scent of coffee that lingered on him. He traced the curve of her jaw then tugged at it harshly, pinching her face to look at him. "Enrique! What are you doing? Let go of me." She tried to shake his hands off but there was barely room for movement. His eyes lingered a little on her lips and an old expression crossed his face then it was gone the next second that QinQin thought she had imagined it. He withdrew a little and a dark smirk grew on his devilishly handsome face as he said, "You wanted this job that bad huh? Well now you've got it. You've gotten what you wanted as you always have. So better be prepared for what's coming cause I'm about to make your life hell...You are mine now." She grew pale and he laughed at her reaction. He was enjoying every minute of her discomfort. Releasing her from his hold he walked to the coffee table and smashed the cup of coffee on the floor at her feet. Qinqin jumped in fright as she was still shaken up by what he just said. "Clean that up." he said calmly looking her right in the eye, staring her down and daring her to go against him. She took the bait. "I-i'm not your servant!". She hated how weak and helpless that came out. "Well I am your boss and if you want to keep your job you do whatever I say!" ~~~ **cover picture isn't mine.**


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