13 Questions (13)

Who was he? Why does his name sound so familiar? And how did he do that? Why were those two trying to kill me? What's going on?

Several Questions troubled me throughout my way home. The night was cold and icy, wind blew lightly like it did before just too icy this time cause I wasn't wearing any jacket or maybe there were reasons beyond that. I walked with my arms around my chest, trying to conserve as much warmth as I could, trying to comfort myself, trying to forget. The pendant or the amulet he gave me, was still secured in the palm of my hand. It felt cool against my skin but somehow still soothed me. I felt safe and at ease.

When I reached home, I locked the doors, latched the windows and switched on all the lights. In a strange way, I felt safe doing that. My stomach grumbled. I knew I was famished but I didn't feel like eating anything. I felt a myriad of emotions. Weak and confused, frustrated and retarded, scared and edgy. After all this time, I had been right, there was something beyond logical explanation that was happening. Someone is threatening me and now they intend on killing me. Those notes, the black sedan , the person outside my window, everything was connected to something or someone. Someone who wants me dead. The question is why.

I took dead steps towards my room. When I finally reached there, I locked the door from inside and sat on the floor. Hugging my knees, I finally burst into tears that I've been holding back. I was clueless about the amount of trouble I was in. And above all, who was doing this and why. The looming presence I've always felt around me was never my mind, it was real and it was there. I wanted answers and reasons. There were things I was supposed to know before I gets any worse than it already was. I wanted an explanation for everything that has been happening ever since the beginning. And only one person could answer my questions. Finn Marshall

Who was he? The question again made it's presence known as my mind recalled him. How did he knew me? And how could he do those things? Another stream of questions made there way through my consciousness. The more I thought the more puzzling it became and the more restless I grew to get my curiosities satiated.

I got up from the floor and changed into my pj's. It was just seven thirty in the evening but I felt like sleeping, hoping it would take my worries and restlessness away. I stared at the wall for about ten minutes, curled into a ball, pondering and assuming things. There were a lot of speculations that one could put forth, but mine were ridiculous. Maybe he had superpowers like moving things. But what about those two, who were they? Bad guys like on the movies? Monsters? Possessed by spirits? My mind went around into circles, trying to come up with one plausible explanation but every theory and speculation tangled into each other until they were cluttered and I scotched to speculating and finally retired to sleep.

I woke up to an unfamiliar place. Aware in some corner of my consciousness that I was dreaming. I was on a road and it was dark. The moon hung up in the night sky like a huge pearl and the stars twinkled like diamonds pinned to the sky. There were no street lights on the road only the moonlight sprinkling lightly making the surroundings visible. The road was in the middle of the forest and the beach. I could hear the waves crashing against the rocks and the slow rustling of leaves along with the buzzing of mosquitoes. The road was completely barren. There were no guide signs or no vehicles passing by. I walked in the direction of moon, expecting I would find something or someone here. I kept strolling until suddenly heard a low pitched sinister laugh coming from the woods. I turned towards the forest but nothing came into my vision and the laughter continued. I started walking faster afraid as to what might be waiting for me. The suddenly the intensity of the laugh rose, as if there were two persons laughing in a low pitched monstrous voice. The next sound I heard was my own heart thrumming beating loudly against my chest along with the sound of running feet. A second later I realized it was me who was running now. I sprinted as far as I could but there's was nothing I could spot on the road. The moon was partially veiled by the clouds now, making it even harder to recognize anything. The evil laughter continued as I ran away from it.

"Katherine" a deep, guttural and familiar voice called out to me.

It was the voice of one of the two men who tried to kill me in the alley. I didn't turn around and continued to run away from the voices.

"You can't run away, luv." It was the other man. I recognized both if their voices now.

Ahead of me I could see a figure on the side of the road. It looked like a road sign. When I finally reached it, the clouds scooted away a little from the moon and the moonlight finally made things visible.

"You're on the wrong path" the sign read.

I panicked. This is not a guide sign supposed to read like. As I turned around to continue, two pair of red feral orbs stared at me and I saw silhouettes of two men. 

The dark made it impossible to recognize the faces, but the built was familiar, one was lanky the other one was stocky. I was a little terrified and as the clouds moved further away giving a way to the moonlight to descend, I recognized both of them. They were the same men who were trying to kill me in the alley.

I turned around and started running away from them, in the direction where I came from. They continued to cackle behind me in guttural voices.

"You can't run away" I heard them behind me but didn't stop.

Finally someone came into view, someone familiar. It was Finn Marshall. I could recognize him. He stood still in the middle of the road with a blank expression. He looked somewhere far. With my hopes returning, I continued closing the distance between us. But when I reached him, I realized something was odd.

"Finn?" I called.

He didn't look at me and continued looking away. I turned back, those men were closing in on us.

"Finn? Do something! They are here! "

This time, he noticed me and stared at me for seconds then extended both his hands towards me, I froze. Terror and fear crept over me again. His hands were covered on blood. 

I looked at him. He smiled at me. It was a smile that spelled evil. I gazed past him. There was nothing that could be seen, only darkness. 

"Finn?" I shouted again. 

He didn't reply and continued staring into nowhere. 

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Behind us the sinister laugh of those two men continued and the temperature dropped down several degrees, making it even harsher for me. 

"Finn? They are trying to kill me! Do something" I pleaded but he didn't budge and kept staring into nothingness. 

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