18 Hypothesis [18]

After two hours of research on witches and sacrifices, Cee crammed the whole article with myths and legends. Her article began with the murders, heading onto the similarities between the murders and sacrifices and then finally jumping onto the prime topic of witches. The start was catchy and intriguing but it finally stooped down to ridiculousness when she hinted on the fact about witches sacrificing six people every ten years. Cee was definite about her article being legit, if only she knew how crazy it might sound to the people who don't believe in all this paranormal stuff.

While Cee strived with the article, I further explored the internet for more information about the victims. An hour later, I printed the useful information like their addresses and places where they worked. It was quite strange. Both the victims lived far away from forest park which only gave away the idea that either both of them were murdered before handed and their bodies were then brought to those particular spots or they were in the forest park where the culprit murdered them in cold blood.

I wasn't entirely sure about what to believe. 

Either these murders were sacrificial and done by witches or the killer decided to have his\her way with the victims by carving those strange marks on their heads. The killer must be driven by revenge. He killed the victims and then carved those symbols or whatever they were, to divert the attention. Maybe these killings were related to me. Maybe I was one of the potential sacrifices. That explains why those two men were trying to kill me that night.

The more I pushed myself into thinking, the more edgy I grew. There were a numerous amount of reasons or possibilities as to how the victims died or were killed but my mind was busy joining the dots with the part where I was involved. By the end of the day, I was frustrated. I realized I cannot rely on the internet for answers. The internet was full of stupid myths and theories and I have had enough of them. I was desperate and impatient to get the answers to all the questions I had. I was desperate to meet Finn Marshall. But I never saw him again.

Much to my disappointment, Cee was hellbent on unraveling the mysteries of these murders. She insisted we should interview the families of the victims which was not possible as we were no professionals. I wished Cee gave a little thought to the ideas she had and plans she made. She was way too reckless. Once in middle school, she got into a fight with Sophie Andrews and to get even with her she broke her window by throwing a stone. Sophie is still clueless as to who did it. She thinks it was one of her secret admirer who tried to break into her room. Her parents had the whole matter investigated but they found nothing that held Cee accountable.

The next day after school, we hopped into Cee' car and drove to southeast Portland. It was an hour long drive to the Buckman's neighborhood where Daphne Woods, the second victim lived. She was an elementary school teacher in Buckman elementary school and lived with her family.

"Left, right or straight?" Cee asked as we were closing in on the intersection.

"Straight. . . then take the next left."

Five minutes later Cee stopped in the driveway of a house that belonged to Daphne Woods.


"Do we really have to do this?"

"Yes " She said. "I've promised to submit the interview for the next week. There's no going back now."

I groaned.

"Come on. . . they won't kill us." She assured.

"That doesn't mean, they will comply with us."

"Come out already." She stepped out and slammed the door shut.

With a final sigh, I gathered my strength and stepped out. The house was smallish one storeyed but lovely. Despite the house being beautiful and welcoming, I still felt uneasy. It wasn't the house that made me anxious, but the inevitable trouble that was waiting for us inside.

The square lawn was covered with thick grass and a variety of herbs and flowers can be spotted against the vibrant green. I recognized some of them instantly as they were the same Grace had grown in our yard. Cee was a few steps ahead of me and ringed the doorbell before I even reached the porch. Nobody answered the door.

"Maybe we should go." I suggested.

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"Yeah and let all the money I paid for gas go to nothing." Cee frowned and again pressed the doorbell.

Still no answer. I was a bit relieved that no one was answering. After all that's all I wanted, to flee away from this situation.

"What the hell is taking them so long?" Cee was not a very patient person and it was clear that all this waiting was vexing her.

"Damn it. . . I'm not leaving until they open the door."

"Are you sure about that?"

Cee exchanged glances between me and the door and her car, before finally turning towards me.

"Fine. . . this was a stupid idea anyway." She walked down the porch stairs and we were on our way to the car when finally the door-bolt rattled, making us both turn towards the sound.

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