2 First sight (2)

Mr. Cooper entered the class and the class went quiet.

"Fuck! " Cee banged her hand lightly on the desk, "I can't bear to see chemistry results again." She whispered.

"Don't tell me you didn't read my notes, I made them specially for you." I knit my brows. Part of my attention was in the class, listening to Mr. Cooper while the other part was still processing the events that happened last night. I wanted to tell Cee, but I wasn't ready to present her with this type of creepy information. I wanted to figure it for myself first. So I decided to keep it to myself.

"Good morning everyone, your chemistry results are here. I hope you all will be satisfied of how you did in your exam." Mr. Cooper addressed the class and distributed the sheets to the students.

When Mr. Cooper arrived at our desk, he smiled while giving the sheet to Cee. I took my sheet and saw an A.

"OMG, I can't believe I got a B." Cee burst into hysterics and every head in the class turned in her direction.

"Cecelia, you've not scored an A so please sit down and do not disturb the class." Coach spoke.

I was internally laughing, but I had to control my composure because I was in class and Coach Cooper was the most uncompromising Coach we ever had.

"Kat, you see, that's a B." Cee sat down and whispered and I noticed Coach's gaze travelling into my direction as if he heard Cee and was waiting for me to reply, so he could lecture me in front of the whole class for talking and not paying attention in the class. Instead I took a pencil and scribbled "Coach's watching us" on my notebook. Cee read it and turned her head towards Coach.

"Let's begin where we left yesterday..." Mr. Cooper was interrupted by a knock on the door. He opened the door and two boys walked inside. Coach exchanged a few words with them.

Both of them were extremely tall which gave away the impression that they played basketball or were athletes. The blonde guy wore a blue jean jacket and matching denims while the other one with dark hairs was completely dressed up in black. The blond one had a smile on his face, he radiated amicable vibes while the other one was complete opposite. His face held no expression

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After exchanging a couple of words with them, Coach finally announced, "Class, we have two new transfer students. Please introduce yourselves." He asked.

The blond guy took a step forward and spoke, "Hey everyone, I'm Zach and he's my brother." He looked at the other guy with dark black hairs who now took a step forward raised his head a little more and looked around the room, as if he was looking for someone, and then his eyes stopped on me.

"I'm Lucas." He voice was deep, his eyes glued on me as if he was talking to me. I noticed his lips turned into a light smirk and I instantly looked away.

"Why did you transfer in the middle of the semester?" Cee suddenly raised a question and everyone turned towards Cee. The question she asked was totally appropriate, cause half of the semester has already passed and transferring in the middle makes no sense, unless they stirred some trouble in their previous school.

Coach narrowed his eyes at Cee and was about to speak when suddenly Sophie Andrews, the only girl in our class to qualify for varsity cheerleading, stood up and spoke, "I'm extremely sorry for the rude behavior of my classmate, but I guarantee you not everyone here is as immature as her." She mocked Cee and her lips curved in a smug smile.

Now the heads turned in Sophie's direction and some of the students even started hooting in response.

Cee banged her hands on the desk and yelled at Sophie, "If raising a question makes me rude and immature, then speaking on behalf of boys, whom you barely even know makes you a desperate whore." Cee folded her arms across her chest, as if to look more confident.

I personally agreed with Cee. Sophie have had her eyes for almost every guy she saw, since the day she turned fourteen. There is always a thick layer of foundation on her face and a cherry red gloss on her lips. Her chest was slightly voluptuous and she looked three years older than her original age. Apart from this, she had an infamous habit of picking up small fights poking her nose in everything, especially when it is comes to Cee and I.

The hooting noises now grew more louder. Some of the students even started banging the desks and finally Coach had to jump in between Cee and Sophie.

"Silence!" Coach shouted and the class went quiet, "This is not a place for your personal arguments girls, you both meet me in my office at the end of the class." Coach spoke and turned towards Zach and Lucas, "You can now take your seats."

Zach and Lucas moved from the chalkboard towards the only empty seat at the back. Coach adjusted his spectacles and spoke, "Let's begin where we left yesterday." Coach started with the atomic structure.

I listened intently to the coach and scribbled down the important notes while Cee highlighted the lines. She uses red highlighter for the things she doesn't gets and green for the things she does. Her textbooks are covered in red and green ink, mostly red, cause chemistry was the only subject she found annoying. But today she didn't bothered to use the green highlighter, she painted the whole page with red which was pretty obvious cause of the prior arguments.

After the class was over, Cee stomped out into the corridor and I followed her.

"She's lucky that we were in class otherwise I would have punched her straight in the face." Cee yelled, I could tell that she was still fuming.

"Don't worry, she's going to get rusticated for picking up on you."

"I hope she gets expelled." Cee sighed.

"Well...that we will see." Sophie spoke and opened the door to Coach Cooper's office.

Cee was about to yell at her but I stopped her midway and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Calm down Cee, you need to keep your cool."

"Yeah!" Cee took a deep breath and went inside the office.

I waited outside the Coach's office and after around 10 minutes Cee and Sophie came out of the office. There was a hint of smugness on Sophie's face while disapproval on Cee's.

"Next time before picking up on me, remember your reputation as a loser." Sophie mocked.

"Shut up bitch, just because you got selected as a cheerleader and we didn't, doesn't mean you're always gonna win." I snapped at her, I couldn't take it anymore. "We all know, how you got selected because of your mom." I yelled.

Sophie's mother was one of the staff members of Portland Adventist Academy, the reason why she was given so many opportunities without her even trying.

"So what, if my mother hooked me up, at least she's there to help me out, not resting in grave like yours."

That was too much, she could've said anything to me, but why did she have to bring my mother into this. What did I ever do to her. She was the only one who would poke her nose in other's matter and try to antagonise others.

"You..." I couldn't even speak cause I was stuck between the painful memories of my parent's death and finding a proper set of words that I didn't even got a proper chance to have a comeback.

When I couldn't speak, Cee instantly came up with a reply, "Of course your mother could do that, but I wish she taught you some manners like Kat's mother did. Oh wait... She can't cause she's a narcissistic bitch just like you, I guess it runs in your family, right." Cee scowled.

"You...both of you are going to pay for that." Sophie stuttered.

"Aww, are you going to cry now or are going to run to your mamma!" Cee mimicked cartoon voice.

Sophie made a face that said whatever and then walked away. Cee turned to me.

"Are you okay?" Cee asked.

"Sometimes I feel like strangling her to death. " I gritted my teeth.

"Yeah me too." Cee sighed.

"So what happened inside? What did Coach say?" I asked.

"Like always, he sided with Sophie and told me to pay more attention to studies than other matters of class." She sighed. "Anyways let's go to our favorite place to celebrate."

"Celebrate what?" I raised my eyebrows.

"Come on, I got a B in chemistry for the first time, we need to celebrate." Cee pouted.

"You know, You're going to be the first girl in the history to celebrate a B." I chuckled and we started walking towards the exit.

"Duh...I like creating history." She grinned.

                 * * * * *

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