The Celestial Being and I Fell In Love In A Novel Book

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The Celestial Being and I Fell In Love In A Novel


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When I, Tang Wei, transmigrated in a Xianxia novel called "Soaring Through the Skies," it just so happens that I took over the protagonist’s body and may unintentionally save the book’s final villain: Senior Brother An Xi! In the original works, he was supposed to die in the first chapter and gets reborn later as an immortal, but-- He’s my favorite character, you know? How can I stand there and do nothing? Even if I have to alternate the scenes here and there, since God gave me this chance to live with my favorite character, I’ll do everything I can to make our lives easier within this turbulent novel! No. Matter. What. I will do my best as the protagonist to save and spoil my favorite character-- Wait. You’re not actually the “villain”? Are you also a transmigrator too? What do you mean you will “fulfill” the role? Huh? This is too confusing now! [System: Congratulations! You have unlocked the alternative timeline of the novel! Villain An Xi has fallen in love with you!] Ha? Wait- How did everything turn out this way!


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