The carnomancer
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The carnomancer


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Jackson was but a normal american just looking to get by in life. unfortunately for him life had other plans as a terrorist bombing took place in the air port in london where he was getting off at. The resulting explosion killed him instantly, and now he has been reincarnated into the world of Rokna. In this new world of magic, monsters, and conflict join him under his new identity Adimir freelancer the adventurer half-elf as he seeks a way to live out an exciting life of researching new and creative ways of combining magic and science. But with a tyrannical empire beginning to prepare for a bloody war the signs of turmoil begin to loom on the horizon. Adimir will face numerous challenges. Both challenges to those native to this world, and against other people have come from earth. Author's comment: I'll be uprfont with you on the entire war thing that the description hints at. Yes it will eventually happen, and many of the strange and out of place things in the beginning will tie into that. Not that it will be explained until much later in the novel. In fact the first 100 or 200 chapters will be spent on the main character growing stronger as an adventurer before the entire war even begins to start rearing its ugly head. So for those eager for the war to kick off sorry, but there won't be a big explosive war so early. At least not with the empire (although if you read carefully you may be able to pick up signs of how close the war is with what happens in the story). But the wait (I hope) will be worth it as it will be diving into some of the stuff a otherworlder in a significant position of power could do with the right knowledge. With that little warning over with I hope you enjoy this novel of mine. Its my first actual attempt at writing a story for people to read so please keep that in mind. If you have any criticism please tell me. I'd love to read them and will be using them to help me in improving my writing quality as time goes on. Experience is the best teacher after all.

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