1 Janurary 5th 20XX - Being Clowned by God

The last thing Zhu Jianyu expected on this Thursday afternoon was to die. He was driving his car as normal, and on his way to work. He reached to his phone to make a call since it still would be a while before he would have time to browse his phone after he got to work. In the split second he reached for his phone, he some how manged to get on the other side of the street. He swerved trying to get back into his lane, but this was to no avail. His car rammed straight into a huge truck. The huge truck crushed his car. The last thing poor Zhu Jianyu thought before he died was

'Wow, I'm really about to die from trying to look at memes...'

He died almost immediately after he was hit by the huge truck. As Zhu Jianyu closed his eyes all he saw was darkness. But, a blinding light kept him from keeping his eyes closed for long. He opened his eyes again, to his surprise.

"How am I....alive?" Zhu Jianyu thought as he looked at his body. He had no obvious injuries. He didn't hurt anywhere either. When he looked up he realized something. Instead of being in some sort of hospital, he was in a very large white room. He couldn't find any corners or windows to this room, not even any doors. He was confused and his thoughts wandered.

'Am I in a coma, or perhaps I am in some sort of new high tech healing chamber?' he thought,

But almost in an instant, a voice rang out and answered him.

"No, unfortunately you died." it said.

Zhu Jianyu looked around. He saw no one near him. He didn't have any headphones in his ear either. He thought for a second he was going crazy, but he still answered the voice.

"WHO ARE YOU, WHERE AM I!" He shouted.

There was a brief pause between him yelling and an answer this time.

"I am the God of Rebirth, and you Zhu Jianyu... are in the place called The Void, the place between life and death."

Zhu Jianyu went pale, everything was coming back to him, and he remembered the crash in which took his life. Zhu Jianyu had many questions for God, but he was unable to mutter out any words. His knees grew weak and he collapsed onto the white ground.

"Zhu Jianyu your life was cut early by the crash, so I have an offer" God said.

"An....offer?" Zhu Jianyu was finally able to spit out.

"Indeed, young Zhu Jianyu, I'll give you two choices, I will let you restart your same life, without your memories, or I will send you to a new world, where you will keep your current memories but dawn a new identity."

Zhu Jianyu thought long and hard on this decision. He thought of all the pros and cons of each of the options.

'Even if he was sent back without memories, would the outcome be any different. Wouldn't it still result in me looking down at my phone and dying in the same crash?' He concluded.

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Without skipping a beat he responded to God,

"I've made my choice, I want to be reborn into a new world!" Zhu Jianyu shouted into The Void.

Zhu Jianyu heard a chuckle. The Void slowly started changing. Even though Zhu Jianyu couldn't see the corners of the room, he felt as if they were drawing closer. When he looked down he realized he was looking down upon a forest. He was standing on some sort of invisible floor that was holding up above in the sky. Then he realized he was no longer being held in the sky, and instead was slowly starting to fall rapidly towards the trees.

"GOD, WAIT!" he yelled out.

He waited to be brought back to the void. He thought he would be back there any second. But instead he kept falling towards the forest. Eventually he just excepted the fact that he was going to become a kebab on one of these trees. He closed his eyes and felt the wind on his face. When he focused on things other than him pummeling to his death he realized something. There was someone speaking to him in a soft whisper.

"Welcome to Externia, would you like me to explain to you the history of this planet and how to operate this system?" The feminine voice said to him.

"NO, JUST STOP ME FROM FALLING TO DEATH!" Zhu Jianyu screamed out.

"Would you like me to summon your Flying Karper?"

Even though he didn't know what she had said, he said yes so that he had a chance at surviving this. But to his surprise his body started moving on it's own.

"Summoning your Flying Karper" The voice said to him

His body adjusted so that his back was to the ground and his hands reached for his mouth. Suddenly a loud whistle broke through. Zhu Jianyu didn't know what was going on but assumed the voice was some how assisting him.

"I'd advise you to look to your left." the voice, who's name Zhu Jianyu didn't even try to pronounce, so he shortened it to PVL, said.

But as he turned to his left a creature like he had never seen before was flying at high speeds towards him. It looked like a bird.... but squished down and long, or as PVL described it,


After realizing how dumb he sounded he prepared to grab on to the "Karper" He reached out, but what he assumed was PVL stopped him and corrected his bodies position so that it would grab onto the creature. It zoomed right past him.

"Wait..I'VE BEEN SCAMMED!" He screamed as he realized his one ticket to not dying just passed him.

Then he saw it loop back up into the sky and start diving towards him. It synced up with his speed and was next to him in mere seconds. His arms reached out and grabbed onto its saddle that was almost completely covered in feathers. It slowly started lifting upwards. It eventually was gliding through the sky once again. Zhu Jianyu pat its head and let out a deep sigh. He knew that his new life was going to be a tough one.

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