1 Chapter 1 : The required physical examination

"Remove your clothes, lie down on the bed and put your legs up" she heard the doctor's command.

On a blue surgical sheet, a fragile and beautiful woman closes her eyes feeling humiliated. Her long lashes were as thin as butterfly wings, emotionless yet breathtaking, her flirtatious red lips were slightly pursed, sadness flowed out from her eyes.

Bitterness spreads over her chest. A nineteen-year-old girl, Xiaoxi Chen followed the doctor's instructions with humiliating, took off her clothes, lied on the surgical bed and waiting for the doctor's examination.

Xiaoxi seems to feel the ironic look on the middle-aged female doctor. She must think that she is a girl who loves vanity. This is the first time that Xiaoxi Chen has stripped herself naked in front of other people. She consoles herself since the doctor is a woman.

The strong sunlight penetrates through the curtain of the examination room, the light is so strong that she can't open her eyes. However, her heart was trapped in complete darkness, because she accepted a job that was not acceptable by society---a surrogate mother to produce a child.

She is only nineteen years old. Not yet graduated in college. A current student to be exact. She tried to have a multiple part-time-job to meet ends but unfortunately, it wasn't able to cover her mother's medical expenses. The doctor checked her for a while. Then, Xiaoxi Chen heard the doctor say coldly: " Okay, put on your clothes!" Xiaoxi Chen began putting her clothes on, then she took a long sigh of relief. Finally, this step is over. After this, she could get half of the money they agreed on the contract.

She was fair-skinned, her black long hair was tied down neatly on her back, a large t-shirt covered her thin body and her soft appearance made her look like helpless and delicate. A man in a suit waiting outside the door, he saw Xiaoxi Chen being sent by the doctor. Then he looked at her and whispered, " Dr. Lily what's the results?" looking towards the doctor.

Mr. Zion Ni, don't worry, she is a virgin, doesn't have any gynecological disease!" Dr. Lily did not evade, bluntly said. Xiaoxi's face flushed red right away, she did not dare to look at the man in front of her, she only knew that he was the assistant of the person who is looking for her as a surrogate mother. As for what the person looks like, Xiaoxi had no idea. She doesn't know the man's appearance. She only knew that the person was willing to pay five million dollars to find a surrogate mother. There was no doubt that he was a wealthy and mysterious figure.

"Ms. Chen, let's go!" Zion Ni called her attention after he said a few words with Dr. Lily, after that he got into the car with Xiaoxi Chen. The car drove towards a villa which was located in Huangshan Mountain.

"Ms. Chen, from today onwards, before pregnancy, in order to ensure the child is pure, the young master told that you can't leave the villa until you give birth. The young master will give you a huge amount of payment. Ms. Chen, you don't have to worry about your mother's condition. Half of the money will be a bank in into your account today."

Xiaoxi Chen sighed, " Can I make a call if I am not allowed to go out?"

"Of course!" Zion Ni answers her gently. " Ms. Xiaoxi, this is not controlling your freedom, but the young master has paid such a high cost, therefore you should be responsible for him, right?, including your act!"

"Okay!" Xiaoxi Chen put her hands together feeling uneasy. " Ms. Chen, there are clothes and all the daily necessities in your room. For the meal part, I will be in charge of it and bring it to you every day. Ms. Chen, the procedures are all done, you just need to sign the documents when we arrive at the villa."

"Oh!" Xiaoxi Chen stunned, but because of her mother, she needs to accept the job. The moment she signed, complicated thoughts filled her mind. She didn't know where the future leads. After signing, it is equal to ruining her life. However, there's no other way! She needed the money for her mother's heart surgery. Tears fall down in her cheeks and she gently wipes it. She handed the documents to Mr. Zion Ni. " Mr. Ni, is he coming tonight?" she asks him.

"Yes he will come tonight" he answered. "Ms. Chen, I will go back first. This is the other copy of the contract, keep it!" Zion Ni turned around and left the villa.

She was left alone in a huge villa. Xiaoxi Chen waited until nightfall with fear, she is going to betray herself, no, she already betrays. Suddenly, she was nervous, she doesn't know what is the man's personality would be like. When she opened the door of the second-floor bedroom, she immediately stunned by the expensive decoration. It is designed perfectly, white decoration on it added atmospheric and solemn feelings, even the bedsheets are also white. Enough to make people feel guilty. Xiaoxi Chen thought, does that person are mysophobia?

The white color furniture is like preparing for her. Inside the bedroom is a large double bed and bedside table, when she opened the cabinet, inside are all new clothes, she has never seen, but at first glance, she knew that it must be branded. She wasn't interested in any of that. She just wants to end the contract soon and return to school as soon as possible to continue her studies. She takes a shower and changes her clothes, waiting for the arrival of the young master. At ten o'clock in the evening, an unlicensed black Bently appeared in the yard of the villa.

Xiaoxi's heart began beating rapidly. He is coming, that person walking towards the main door! She took a deep breath and stood at the entrance of the hall downstairs. The sounds of the leather shoes on the marble floor was coming nearer, the footsteps paused at the entrance, then a while later he approached her step by step, her heart was about to explode.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a tall figure came into her eyes, followed with bright leather shoes and straight trousers. Looking up, his body was slender, the body scale was perfect, he was not fat at all, but he was wearing a black fox mask that was commonly used in masquerades.

Xiaoxi Chen's heart was beating like crazy, she suddenly felt dizzy and almost waddled. The man glanced at her face and spoke. "Are you Xiaoxi Chen?" It was a nice voice, deep and charming, added with a little bit of sexy fascination, very suitable for being a broadcaster, also the voice sounded young.

Xiaoxi Chen stepped back, she was nervous and spoke in a soft voice. " Y-yes!" After that, she secretly took a peek at his face, she saw his lips press together, and a hint of gloominess flashed across. Then he looked at her with irony and smirked: " Do you know what you should do?"

Xiaoxi felt that he was a strict man, and she was so scared that she didn't know what to say. "What? Are you shy?" Along with his thin lips slightly opened, his hand quickly and gently picked her to chin up. "Look up!" a strong voice coming out from the man's mouth. Sounds of warning and authority. Xiaoxi was forced to look up and their eyes met, she was so nervous at that moment.

"Well, your look is okay, have you showered?" Xiaoxi's heartbeats successively. " I, I've already showered!" she answered in a shy voice.

"Let's go! Go to the bedroom!" The man's voice was still deep and charming, striking her eardrums.

"Y-yes!" She was very docile. She knew that she must earn her mom's surgery fees immediately.

"Afraid?" he asked again, the tone was no longer cold but seductive. Xiaoxi was speechless, she was very afraid, but she did not dare to say any words. The man turned around, and the next second, her feet fell on the floor. She is falling into an embrace, warm and generous, surrounded by a strong manly aura, she felt dizzy again, her face was as red as a ripe tomato, " Young master, I...I can go by myself!"

He remained silent, the corner of his mouth raised up and picked her up to the bedroom on the second floor. "Xiaoxi Chen, from today onwards, the contract becomes effective, do you regret it? I will give you a few minutes to reconsider!"

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