1 the begining

Slice was driving up the road, one day when out of the window he spots a baby on the trash can, he pulled the car over, and got out of the car and got a clean towel from the car, wrapped me up in it, and got back in the car, and head down to the nearest hospital, he pulls into the parking lot and walked into the hospital, the doctor took me from him to exam me to see if I was healthy when few minutes his cell phone rings it's his wife. " (yeah,) answered, Slice, " (are you on your way home I hate when you do this when you going to get the real job!?) said. Beth, " ( this is a real job when you going to accept it?) the doctor walked back out with me in his arms. He hang up on her, " she is not a normal baby, said. Jerry, " what do you mean, asked. Slice, " this can turn the game around Slice, she's part human and part wolf, and Dybird the ultimate hunter. said, Jerry. " raise her, train her to turn the table on them Slice. " I planning on this, but my family must've known about her not even them. what does she eat, and how do can I contain the pure thirst, asked. Slice, I got the pure thirst cure, go see Tammy she knows what they feed and how to make the formula, so what you are going to name our new hunter? he hands Slice, me, and the address, " Clover., thanks, Jerry. When do I bring her back? asked. Slice, " I call you, take care of her, she is going to save us from this dark hour. Said, Jerry, he walked out of the hospital and head down to the rehab store, he pulled into the parking lot. and walked inside of the store, " hey this the baby Dybird? asked. Tammy, " yeah, do you have anything that helps me to feed her, asked. Slice, " I sure do, they walked to the freezer and she pulled out a case of half sheep stomach for the Dybird and half milk for the human side. " thank you. Said, Slice, he took the castle and head up to the abandoned Mansion on kings hill, " build it up make it slayers Headquarters, said. Slice, he walked in the house and lay me in a little basket, and put the case in the freezer, and her the patches of cures in the cover, he gives me a bottle, I begin to feed on it. As he fixes up the mansion and makes it into our seminary, his phone rings. " yeah!) he sneered out, " (you don't have to sound like that Slice.) said, Lily, " (yeah I do, you don t have to keep calling me, i am out hunting, do not bother me i be home when I get home, you don't like it pack up and leave,) he hangs up on her, he picks me up and walked inside of the castle. " how about some food, Clover, that what we call you clover. so it has been a few months and I have grown up. Slice on the other hand to keep his wife and kid quiet he got a part-time job, he pull up in the garbage. "Clover, I walked in the garage. " how long is this going to the last Slice? you are not someone to work when hunting is your career, let the women and kids go, they are merely baggage to hold you down or get in the way. i told him, " I know, I need to have stability in my life that what' s they are for, the boy is not mined, he is my stepson and a problem child, you do not mine but I raised you since I found you, Clover, I name you, feed you, help your change, contain the thirst within you, cloth you, I am your father, teacher, trainer, cook, and mentor, not his. How about some fried sheep's liver and rice, after I show you the new gear that uncle Reys made for us, we got a mission in Taxes tonight, said. Sice, it makes me nuts when he goes that way. " then make them be that not you are what they want, humans. I walked back inside, " not hungry let's see the gear. " if you don't eat you feel the thirst, do you have a patch on right, after dinner. Your father is a human ms, he told me with a grin on his face, " so he is, can we see the gear now? I asked, " after dinner. He walked inside of the mansion, he closed the door behind. Larry pulled at the house, he saw his stepfather car up at the mansion, he set the table and start to heat up everything. " how was your day my supreme hunter, asked. Slice, "I trap in here all day, pop bear, I can be useful while you playing house with your stability and pleasing her, I can go out patrolling, uncle Mikel said having the upper hand on Hybrids, Damphires, vampires, and werewolves, I said. He walked up to the house, Slice put their plates on the table. "I am aware of that and agree, but I am cautious, of will you be okay. Said, Slice. " let's eat. We sat down at the table and have dinner. Larry went back to the house, " hey, see he didn't waste no time. " who, asked. Shelby, " your husband is having dinner with another woman, " show me. They walked out of the house, " trouble is coming to Mikel, said. Reys, "I on it, closed and lock the gates, this boy and his mouth need to be exchanged in a lesson, said. Mikel, " just send them out of town and them he can't support two, stability and houses, said. Reys, " come on Reys, let me punch him just for the good of it, he closes the gate, and he stops them, " it is time you pack up you and your son make it on your own, here is $500 dollars, take it to get on bus or train and leave before you get yourself killed. Said, Mikel. Reys walked inside of the house, I looked at him. " bro working 4-7 part-time job, support a grown man-boy who is not yours, and ungrateful nagging wrench, said. Reys, you are one of us, your hunter, you do not need any stability us, Clover, who are and do is your stability, said. Reys, all of an sudden Vampires is on the attack. " sh*t, he pulled them into the gates, " (alert slayers we on attack we got bystanders) after this is clear you both get lost and move on, " alamo set up the defense! The castle guns came out, Mikel pull out his ax and stick it in the ground and out his twin pistols and got ready, "

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