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The Butterfly of Chaos


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"Someone would understand your grievances, your sorrows? Hah! Nobody will lend their ears to an individual wail of pain, not even the mighty upholders of justice, the Tianzun Imperial Court! Dream on!" A broken soul, mangled beyond belief, stranded within a world of pain and suffering. "That was a thousand-some amount of human lives! A city of them! Ushering them towards the Gates of Yama, do you have no shame or guilt!? And you call yourself a savior of life!?" Another entity, forged with apathy, incapable of resonating with other beings, drifting in a world filled with facade and corruption. "What siblings, what family, what Pavilion of Swords, what Divine Palace? Your very soul has brought forth destruction to the Immortal Realm, a calamity! A walking disaster has no place within the Immortal Realm!" One sole spirit, cursed with destruction. The Earth, the Heavens, and even one's own self perishes before their sword. When the Butterfly of Chaos flaps its luminous wings, who in the world is capable of resisting its allure? "Ronel, my fragile, beautiful creature. Must you force your destruction once more?" //Cover Image is courtesy of Sleepwrite! She is an excellent artist as well as a fantastic writer, check out her works as well! https://www.webnovel.com/profile/4300301721

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I came to this novel when it was featured two months ago. Being the only "newly minted" novel without a single review or many views among the others in the list, I decided to give it a try, Looking at the caution about the novel possessing multiple main characters, it was rather unexpected. And to be completely honest, I was blown away. As a cultivation novel, the cultivation scheme is truly unique from the other novels I read so far. Although the naming scheme is similar to others, following the generic Xianxia format, the novel begins by introducing two concepts of existences, mortal and immortal, with distinct differences between them. The concept of immortals sacrificing a fundamental component of their existence in exchange for a true immortal life, and mortals unable to reincarnate once they begin cultivating, is truly a fascinating idea for a novel. Just by reading the novel with a cleared mind, it's fairly obvious that the way in which certain terminology are explained and introduced - by bouncing around a concept among multiple protagonists - allows for the reader to quickly understand without having to search on Google. The fight scenes are relatively short, ending in a few exchanges, and I like that a lot. Not only does the clean, detailed description of each technique represents the author's dedication to the novel and the story's world alongside of its intrinsic elements, the novel doesn't deviate in a way that would confuse a reader who has never picked up a cultivation novel before. Yes, a few exchanges in a fight may be short for some readers, but it adheres to the concept that a fight generally consists of a few lethal blows, maybe longer fights if they are evenly matched, not to mention that the battles aren't skewed towards the protagonists. The management between the three protagonists is simply amazing and worthy of respect. Not only are these characters interconnected in one profound way or another, the "plots" of each protagonist aren't independent routes. The decision of organizing the story in a chronological format, rather than a volume per character, is rather courageous and commendable. Not only do the readers get to know what happens in other places at the same time, it also represents change over time in society, cultivation hierarchy, or some other event - the novel possesses that potential, unlike many others at the early developmental stages. Personally, I wished for there to be a little more dialogue. However, as I read on further, I realized that there was indeed no need to. The author adopts a considerably slower plot development rate than others, but is compensated for by detailed world building. Everything is properly introduced before the character makes their entry, and is defined in easily understandable layers. The internal monologue of characters are exquisitely described by action and not in a subform of dialogue, which is another interesting trait of the novel, one I have not seen for a long while. If possible, this novel definitely needs to get the attention of many others. It's a superb piece of work, and although it's only on the first volume, the author's sheer work and care for the novel is fairly obvious.


The Xiang Butterfly of Chaos is a cultivation based story, that gives a glimpse into how pretentious the cultivation world can be, a young girl ventures into the world of cultivation based on what she had heard about it from her brother, there she discovers that the cultivation world isn't what everyone thinks it is, instead it is one shrouded by deception and danger. The young girl continues to discover so many things about the world she is in and the people that she met along the way while on the path of cultivation.


I've been following this novel ever since it was first written, and I have to say, it is one hell of a story. Three protagonists and yet the writing doesn't seem clunky at all, amazing! The first thing that pops up is the style in which the author adopts cultivation. Instead of slowly presenting every topic and concept one by one as the plot progresses, the author visits both extremes at the same time, the implementation of multiple protagonists a very good approach in not only introducing the concept to the reader, but also explaining it from the character's point of view. While sometimes overlapping definitions can be slightly redundant, it is also necessary and what makes this novel so special - in that the differences in characters' actions are accurately portrayed. Though the novel's plot has not significantly developed yet, the author has yet to fall into the trap of repetitive, dull characters that seem to only exist as temporary articles to give the protagonist a power up or technique, etc. However shortly defined or lack of definition attributed to a character, it's easily observable that the novel has potential - the characters all seem to have some significance to the protagonists' behaviors. The lack of dialogue and explosive drama is one thing, but I think it is more than compensated for by the slow but steady buildup, and the author's methodology of displaying internal monologue by actions, not ****** statements. Although there isn't much talking in the initial portions of the novel, I can see that it was intentional - after all, it would be rather odd for a character to be talking to themselves unless there was something wrong with their consciousness. Dialogue is present when there are multiple characters and conversation would facilitate the character and plot development, and world building. Dialogue isn't present when characters are in a solo environment to indicate that they are alone, and that conversation isn't required to advance the plot, instead focusing on world development. The balance in which the author manages this for not just a single protagonist, but three, is simply superb. Though early, the novel truly begins to shine its potential here. The best part about the novel until now, is the fighting scenes, and the world development. Just from reading, the attention to detail and descriptive words allows for the reader to simply relax and envision the scene enacting in their mind - without any need to wonder what exactly a certain technique entailed in a typical cultivation novel. The techniques displayed by the characters are completely realistic with implementations of supernatural phenomena, which makes the novel even more fantastic. The attention and care the author gives to the novel is obvious, and as a reader, I'm thankful for that. I would say the only problem here would be the lack of a 'daily update', so to speak. Although the author posts around the same time each day, I would suggest establishing publishing timers to appear on the "Daily Updates" tab. Good Work!


Did you ever think that the original novels on wn lack something? Something you couldn't describe well but still felt the lack of? This one doesn't lack it at all. It has the epicness of a Chinese novel combined with the fresh ideas of an original.


The writing style is highly polished, and I can infer that the author based it off of more traditional novel styles. The method applied by the author in which they developed the world, plot, and character archetypes alludes to styles utilized by Tolkein, Faulkner, Austen, etc. Easy to comprehend, and there isn't a stress of dialogue. The presence of multiple main characters is interesting, and they're represented well. From what I'm reading, the characters are mostly reticent and not very outspoken, which is well complemented by the lack of direct statements of speech and thoughts, rather revealing their actions to implicitly display them instead. However, dialogue is indeed present in the latter portions of the novel. That it isn't abused or placed as the central component of the novel, is a refreshing find. The emphasis on worldbuilding in the prologue could be stretched over the first few chapters. However, it's still a good read nonetheless. Compared to the other novels in this database with their overemphasized, dramatic explosion of a beginning, this novel with a slow, more relaxed and indirect development of the plot is truly an interesting and refreshing find.


After reading a few chapters, I decided to write a review! First, we have very detailed world-building. However, I feel that as a reader, it was difficult to retain all of the information in one sitting. It was a lot thrown at me right from the beginning, and I had to reread a lot of it to really let it sink into my mind. I didn't understand much at first, but after a while, it started to make sense, and that's when I could really let myself follow the storyline. That's why even though it might be difficult to comprehend at first, once you understand, it's like you've fit an entire puzzle together (which feels quite rewarding)! So kudos to the author for that! This story has so much potential and the writing quality is excellent, if not the best. Especially since there's three protagonists, which is something that not many authors can pull off--but this author does it extremely well. The only thing I have to say about the first few chapters is that there really isn't a lot of dialogue or interactions at all, but the dramatic build-up makes up for it. Anyhow, this novel definitely deserves a lot more attention! It's a hidden gem! Adding it to my reading collection for sure. I do recommend reading this, and good luck to the author! :D


The world building is very detailed. This novel is also a first that I have read which has three protagonists which makes it very unique as well. Although, the beginning doesn't have much dialogue- I feel that it isn't the determining factor on the quality of the writing and development of the plot. I think that the novel has a lot of potential and wish the author the best of luck!


I didn't catch on all the chapters but I already wanted to write a review. First of all, we have a very complex word built in the novel, starting from the divine instead of rock bottom but with a nice twist to the plot. There are actually three protagonists but the author does fine work switching from one to the other. I especially enjoy all the world descriptions. It's a cultivation novel that I believe, even if one did not read other cultivation stories they would still be able to understand what's happening.


Hi! This is kera, an editor of the international writing contest SWA II. I believe your book has great potential, so I invited you to join in a week ago. Please reply to me so I can discuss this with you in detail.


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The quality of the writing is very high. The world building is a bit different. And possibly the story becomes wonderful later, but I'm giving up on it because the first three chapters are a lot of work to wade through, and so far it looks like a lot of people are going to be angry with each other.


I didn't catch up yet but I see potential in this novel. I am not native so I gave 5 because I can easily understand it. The world is complex and actually, I think after reading more chapters I will try to improve my novel world hahaha. I will try to update the review when I read more chapters but it's ending of my semester so I cannot promise it now. Good luck!


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Hello, this is the author, Yun Yin! (Insert shameless self-promotion here...) I am a new writer on Webnovel, and this is my first time writing a cultivation novel, so please leave behind any comments/criticisms, they will be very helpful! Enjoy! :) (Not actually stable in updates but.... T_T)


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