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Read THE BURNING HEART novel written by the author Johnson_Victoria on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, revenge. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Early in morning in the airport , a young man slowly stepped out of the his private jet. He wore a blue shirt with black jacket and silver trouser that complimented his physique. He slowly removed his sunglasses revealing his beautiful eyes. His handsome face where that which could bring down a nation. He could be called the gods of beauty. His presence attracted the people in the airport. Some girls started taking pictures of him. He raised his head and looked towards the sky. He smiled revealing his dimples. A sudden evil glint displayed in his eyes and disappeared as if it was a illusion. He looked towards the sky and murmured under his breath " am back my Rosy it is time for beautiful revenge." He entered into the car that came to pick him up ............................ 15 years before. On the early morning of 15 January, the country recorded their first coup de ete which was a bloody and massive one. The lives of many civilian leaders and few citizens were killed in the coup. The bloody coup was led by five great lieutenant generals of the country. These massive coup led to the emergency of the state and the taking over of the government by the military . The first and only general vomaah being the highest in military took over the government. He governed the country for months before he went missing. Danvers who was his first son and a eight years old boy at the time of the events, knowing that it wasn't natural swore to take revenge and bring those responsible down. He left the country at the age 8 years and was adopted by his father's best friend. Trained and brought up only to fufill his desires. He entered into military the in England at the age of eight by the queen of England. One day, as he was scrolling through the channels. He saw a news which infiltrated him. he secretly went back to his country to burn down the troop responsible for his hero's missing but unfortunately, he almost meet his doom but was saved by a little girl of 10 years old. Years later, he came back to complete his mission only to fell madly in love with the same girl of years before. ................ Sabel was a beautiful young lady that was given into adoption by her father at the age of three. Haven't grew up in a military environment. When she was eighteen years. She left the place to fulfill her dreams which was to be become an actress. Even as a D list actress, she used almost all her savings to visit her boyfriend and best friend in American to celebrate his birthday and surprise that. After buying the cake. She left for the venue of the set. Even from afar, she could see the silhouette of her boyfriend. She raised her hand to call him but stopped midway . What she saw next left her flabbergasted. She saw her boyfriend kissing and ravishing her best friend beside the shore. She couldn't believe it. She slowly loosen her grip on the cake which made it to fall. She shouted and run out of the place. The noise attracted the two making out. They looked at her and run after her. Danvers who was looking at the whole episode sneered. During night fall, after she cooled down. She crawled into a corner with her luggages. A blue porch car stop beside her "Get into the car." Danvers said Hearing the familiar voice. She lifted her eyebrows 'Where did these handsome god's crawl out from.' she was flabbergasted of what she saw. "Are you getting in or going to stay here and stare all day." he said with a tiny smile on his lips ................................. Note : these novel started from the inauguration of the military president . So don't be confused. I wanted the readers to understand the process of the novel and the reason for the male leads actions . These is the original synopsis and I won't add or remove anything again. Feel to comment on the story . Pls these novel contains some violence and is rated 18+ . The cover did not belong to me. Please English is not my mother tongue. Mistake may occur.


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