1 Poor little ayla

SLAP!!! "You dirty little bitch! How dare you keep us waiting for supper!" Ayla's Step Mother Rayla screamed while spraying spit on to Ayla's face. "I'm sorry ma'am it will be done soon." Ayla spoke very softly as too try not to anger Rayla. "If it's not ready in 5 minutes you can forget about eating tonight" Lana spoke while looking at Ayla with disgust. Ayla returns to the kitchen to finish cooking as if nothing happened.

Now let me start from the beginning of Ayla's 1st life. Her mother Amelia and father Joenis divorced shortly after her birth. Her father remarried a month after. His new wife giving birth to her sister Rita 9 months later. 4 years after her birth her mother died in a car accident leaving her to her father. Everything was going good as her father loved her and dotted on her and her sister equally. Rayla her step mom treated her fairly at that time.

How ever Rayla's attitude did a complete circle after her father passed away 2 years ago from a sudden aneurysms in his brain. Her father had his own company called Aourius clothing. When he passed away he left the villa and all the money to his wife with the stipulation she would raise Ayla. Her father split his shares from the business giving her and her sister 25 shares each they would receive after 18yrs of age. Of course Rayla did not like this at all.

Do to the fact that Ayla's father's will said Rayla must raise her she couldn't just dump her off at an orphanage. Instead at the age of 6 Ayla became Rayla and her daughter Rita's live in maid.

Ayla is to call them both ma'am or miss. No one they socialized with know who she is. Her room is just a bed and dresser in the storage closet filled with junk. Rayla will find any excuse available to punish her. At 8 years old she has grown accustomed to the abuse. She knows it's better not to fight back or she will be black and blue all over before Rayla is done.

Ayla finished the meal of roast duck in orange sauce, curry, vegetables and white rice. " About time girl. Stand there without moving and maybe i will leave you some scrap's" Rayla stated with a smirk on her face. I simply stand there praying that they leave me enough food to fill my belly.

My sister Rita is a mean little girl who is very obese as Rayla let's her eat as much food as she wants. Also at 8 years of age Rita already weighs 130 pounds. She can eat as much as the average 4 people.

I watch as her and her mother devour the food. When there done eating Rayla turns to me with a smile while saying. " Ayla don't forget to finish the laundry after you do the dishes." I lower my head as I say. " Of course ma'am." Rita pushes me to the floor as she passes me. A huge grin appears on her face when I hit my head on the floor. She walks away laughing and waiving her hand good bye.

After I make sure they have both headed to there rooms I can finally relax. I grab my table wear then sit at the table to see what I can eat tonight. Looks like I get 3 spoons of rice, 1 spoon of vegetables,and some small pieces of duck i pick off the bones. I use some of the orange sauce on my rice as the curry is all gone.

Tonight's meal was enough to keep me from starving so I'm thankful. After I'm done with the remainder of the house work I go to the the storage closet. As I lay down I pray that one day i will be free of this mother and daughter pair.

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