1 lost in time

We all know that 'life is brief, a little hope, a little dream and then we fall asleep.' Our life starts with a tingle cry that brings joy to everyone, and we become the source of light and hope to guide them to unretainable happiness. Our little mischieves and innocence is proved to be the best treatment for everyone. A tear from the child's eye makes them worried and a smile shows them a big relief. Wishs gets wished by them and fairy godmother swings her wand to make them come true. During Christmas eve we used to sing and be happy, and try to spread happiness amongst all. No one would dare to stop us from sharing the piece of warmth of the candle tht kept our spirits up in the deepest and darkest forests. We had hope that we can achieve the impossible that can change our dreams to reality.

Our dreams lasted with all the faith we put in it. We were so amazed to learn that the world is so big that none of us could ever imagine. The vast sky with off limits and the deep oceans with unknown trenches filled up our mind with serious questions whose answers were yet to be discovered. The unknown facts enchanted our mind to take the dark forest to reach the aim in our life with just a burning lantern in our hand that would soon be out of fuel and then we have to depend on our instinct to pass the roads full of bubby traps and pot holes safely without entrpping ourselves.

Our mind struggle for something interesting and valient that is honourable accepting. Our life is like a cup full of warm water that is resembling with the warm happiness and that likes to share itself to others. But if the cup develops the crack no one can binb it from spilling the water that had gotten cold along the way.The more you try to bind the cracks the more you will heart yourself, but the human mind is fragile it always steps foot on the path that had hurt them once thinking that this time it won't hurt him again. Yes, it is true that life is all about taking risk, but it also emphasizes us to learn from the past experience.

The beautiful summer days got over like the winter the previous year. I always wanted my life to be a normal life like the other boys and girls but everything seemed lost now. The autumn leaves laying all around with the sunlight filtering through the trees. For me it was like a bitter-sweetness of a fading beauty that happened every year but somehow was different this time. I felt the world to be at harmony but its all just a lie, a big lie that binds all beings in the world. It was a perfect day to put everything aside to be myself, but i am not worthy of such happiness after all I was thrown out of my house by my father after my parents divorced... thinking about my lone-some state I entered the blossom garden and sat beside the cherry tree near the river. Tears rolled down my cheeks, feeling to end this life at once, but I guess it was not accepted by the heavens for every time I tried to end it, I got prevented for one or another reason.

Time flies away within a blink of an eye, and with out noticing night falls. I without hasting any more time got up to my feet and started my way out but with every turn I take it felt like getting lost in a unknown forest.... Then suddenly i slipped but got hold of a rock, I looked down and found it to be a mountain shaft. I tried to pull myself up but the moment i reached the edge, it broke and i fell off. I remember on seeing a cherry blossom blizzard before i had closed my eyes.....