The Boy Who Leapt through Reality Book

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The Boy Who Leapt through Reality


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Theo finds himself joining into an abnormal highschool where human teens walk together with abnormal beings or rather say superhumans.Although Theo knew about this school he had kept quiet for his own sake not wanting anyone prying into his life but later in 5weeks he finds himself having powers so unbelievable and 'cool' but to his normalcy he finds them very uninteresting until one day he stumbles into two boys and four girls ,three arrogant and sassy girls together with one with a neutral expression and a very dim personality,two crazy mostly insane boys and finds himself grouping with them and they try to pry into his business but they realise that he's too focused on one thing 'Fictional Reality' specifically that exists in his own small dark space in his mind. But doom and danger unfolds in the world and he and all the superhuman have to save everyone but Hazel the one with a neutral expression finds herself tightening towards Theo finally finding someone who she really loves but it all ends with Theo sending his goodbyes to save everyone but Theo saving one special person 'Hazel' ,the world continues in the face of doom and Theo is nowhere to be found


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