1 Meal Time

Every day the wolf demons come back to haunt me. Howl, wolf, bark, snarl, growl, KILL. The wolves have murderous sounds and intents. I herd my sheep like usual in my pasture. I'm a young shepherd, so I inherited my late dad and mum's land in the village. Because it's mum and dad's it is much older than the other pastures. The fence is rotting and opens up to the forest with dead grass all around. It's as if the land itself is cursed with something.

One night I started to hear the sounds of the wolves creeping into my head. These sounds were either pounding or a never ending quiet sound of a hungry beast. A demon. A few months after, I would see gray and black wolves with red eyes and blood dripping from every claw and hole on them. They started just past the fence and slowly came closer.

When they started to get really close I would scream that wolves were attacking my sheep, but by the time the other villagers were there the wolves vanished. They lost their trust in me and I lost trust in my eyes and ears. My sleep became less and I became irritable and depressed with no one trusting me or loving me, and an incessant sight and sound of evil beings. I still tried to do my work of course even with the wolf demons.

One day I was herding my sheep late at night and they came after ME instead of my sheep. I felt fear run up my spine and choke me. It grabbed my senses, my thinking, my heart rate, and my voice. RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN. The slurping of their tongues and all of their other nasty sounds followed behind me, slipping into my ears. This hijacked my head and instincts came first as I ran as fast as I could towards the village.

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