1 Chapter 1

Chaos. Disorder in every direction you look. A total disaster. Several buildings were on fire, including cars and trees. Thick black smoke was curling above the damaged area. It was like this place was hit by a meteor or by a massive explosion.

And then there was death. Ruthless death. People as well as animals lied on the ground, wounded, bleeding. some even had knives stuck in their body. they probably faced a kind of darkness from a horrible perspective of life.

A building was about to fell apart in pieces. A man appeared at one of the broken windows from the upper floor of the building. covered in flames which were flickering around his body. He stood there for more than 10 seconds; screaming. Just screaming. Meanwhile, the stones crumbled under his feet. The man screamed even harder as he jumped down. It took less than 3 seconds before he fell on the ground with an awful sound that seemed to come from his neck. He was clearly dead, according to the bones that were sticking out through his shirt. The clothes around his body slowly smouldered from the remaining flames on his corpse…

"and then, a massive explosion and limbs flew around everywhere you could see! And after that, dragons and gigantic insects appeared from a black hole and ate all the people that were still living!"

"Yeah, yeah, dream on. You're really overacting it, dude. Just keep your head on the tasks our teacher gave us."

The boy with the exorbitant imagination is my best friend Kaito. People say he is the opposite of me, which is not bad at all because we can always help each other out in rather difficult situations. He has a strong mind and is not willing to give up fast. Besides, he has a positive way of thinking that allows him to make the people around him happy and optimistic. I met him on my first day at middle school. He sat next to me in class and we slightly began to talk. He was vastly nervous when the first lesson started. But At the end, he was the one who helped me when I had issues with school(un)related things.

Besides that, Kaito is a very joyful schoolboy who enjoys life and hanging out with me.

And then there is me. The "boring one," as my friend describes me. I'm not very interactive with other people; not that I hate it, but I just haven't any morale's for it.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself… I forgot what I was called again…

well, names are temporarily anyway.

"Back to the factual world, will ya?" the school bell rang which meant school was over.

We always walk home with each other because we live in the same district. It's a 15-minute stroll towards home. It's a very pleasant walk along a small lake and a meadow with a couple of sheep's and we nearly see any people as we pass by. It's pretty nice.

"Hey, daydreamer! Our ways part here remember?" Kaito turned around and laughed.

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It was a rather funny laugh. "oh that's right, See ya here tomorrow?"

"always. Sleep well, buddy!" Kaito said.

"Thanks. You too." I replied.

He turned around and went right. I took a deep breath and walked further in the direction of where I lived.

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