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The Boundaries of Love


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He didn't know what to do when in love. He knew he could never do all those things that he often saw in movies; like holding hands, displaying affection, or quoting long poetic lines to the girl he loved. All he could do was love . . . Quietly. Maybe that's why he was still single. She was a die-hard fan of romance. Romance, in which a man loves as much as a woman. Romance, in which a man never tries to stake a claim, in which a man loves quietly but passionately. But she knew, she would never meet such a man, who would have all these qualities. Maybe that's why she was still single. *** He is not your usual CEO. He is gorgeous but his gorgeous-ness lies in his intelligence. He doesn't do the usual, no flings, self-reliant, very much attached to his parents. She is not a girl who just drools over handsome men. A sucker of slow-burn romance stories, she wants someone who would understand her worth. When a girl who's driven by logic meets someone as intelligent as her, sparks had to fly. A British man and an Indian woman, they are so different yet so alike. Meet Benedict Smith, a twenty-nine-old billionaire, and Ridhima Kapoor, a twenty-six-year-old story editor. And it's their story.


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