1 convincing

Yin xia was the only child child of her parents and always had her own way, she always got what she desired from her parents. she was the kind of person who loved to boss people around her. One day, her parents called her to the sitting room for a family talk. she came in and greeted her parents saying " Good morning mum, Good morning dad" she said kissing their cheeks. " My dear, we need to talk to you about something very important " her father said and coughed " dad you should take care of yourself "she said feeling concerned " Yin Xia it's about your marriage, because you are soon going to be in 26 years and still you've still not gotten married " her father said " dad don't start that again because I don't want to get married. I never want to be under a man,I always want to be free and have my own way." she said and walked out on them feeling very angry. The truth was, they had no control over her because she had been pampered and spoiled rotten. Well it hadn't been intentional, but based on the fact that she was their only child. "Sweetheart do not mind what she said, she has crossed her limits and I know just how to deal with her. Talking about this with her won't get us anywhere but experience is said to be the best teacher. Just you wait and see dear by the time I've executed my plan,she'll come to us apologising for her wrong behaviour and she'll become a responsible adult. " Yin Xia's mum said. " I wonder what your plan is " Yin Xia's dad asked his wife. "You'll know in due time." Her mother said with a satisfied smile.

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