1 Being Kicked Out

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The café was rather quiet in the morning, and there were not many customers in the hall.

It was already half an hour past the agreed time. As I had been sitting for too long, my stiff back started to ache.

Finally, Lawyer Wang's ever-changing black suit appeared in front of me.

He sat down and said, "Ms. An, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting!"

Ms. An?

I was shocked, "You, what did you call me?" The shawl fell lazily to the ground from my smooth dress.

He ignored it, took out a document from his bag, and pushed it to me. His voice was cold and distant, "Ms. An, this is the divorce agreement that my client, Mr. Lang asked you to sign. Please take a look. If there are no objections, please sign your name on the blank space. "

Divorce agreement!

Those words pierced my eyes.

I gritted my teeth and took the divorce agreement. The bright wedding ring on her finger seemed especially ironic at this moment.

Lawyer Wang addressed me as 'Ms. An' so smoothly. He probably forgot that I'm the wife of his client, Mr. Lang.

If anger could ignite flames, I believe that I can burn these two colluding guys into ashes by myself.

The contents of the agreement were unjust and made me furious, "Lawyer Wang, I will raise my son myself. I will never give him the custody!"

That Lang guy wants to keep his son and send me away with money? It was simply a foolish dream!

"Ms. An, it's written clearly in the agreement that if you insist on having the custody of the son, you won't be able to take a single cent from the family," Lawyer Wang said with a fake smile.

I sucked in a breath of cold air, thinking, this bastard is indeed ruthless!

He saw that I was silent and thought that I was wavering. He continued to persuade me," Ms. An, since we've known each other for many years, I'll give you a piece of advice. It's too difficult for a single woman to raise a child. Besides, you don't have a job or any savings, aren't you?"

You dare to threaten me?

I sneered, "You don't have to lie to me. The assets under Lang's name are what we got after marriage. We share them as husband and wife. Of course, I have half of it! I still have this bit of legal knowledge! Tell him that I'll sue him in court!"

Lawyer Wang didn't take it to heart. He clicked his tongue twice, "Ms. An, do you think you can win the lawsuit? To tell you the truth, Mr. Lang's property has already long been planned. If you insist on doing things your own way, have you ever thought about the consequences of losing everything?"

I clenched my fists and felt a sharp pain in my palm. I didn't know when the sharp diamond on the wedding ring had turned, but it stabbed me in pain.

Then the phone rang.

It was the man surnamed Lang.

I pressed the answer button and his cold voice came from the phone, "An Xia, you better obediently sign it! Otherwise, Hmph, you know my methods..."

His means were cruel and merciless. Otherwise, he would not have made a name for himself in the business world. However, he wanted to take away my heart and flesh, and I would rather die than allow it.

"You, surname Lang! I won't agree to this!" Then, I hung up the phone.

Lawyer Wang lost his patience, "Ms. An, please consider carefully. Give me a call after you've made up your mind."

He didn't want to waste any more time waiting for me to change my mind, so he turned around and left.

The black suit disappeared from my sight in the blink of an eye. I hated his black-suited man to the core as if he was a grim reaper that was demanding my life.

The cold coffee gushed into my stomach, just like my current mood, cold and bitter. If I knew this would happen, why would I do it? I had dedicated myself to this family for several years, but in the end, she was kicked out of the house!

I called the waiter for the bill and he said that a customer had just paid.

Could it be that the one surnamed Wang paid the bill?

I tilted my head and thought about it. I remembered that when he came to the company to apply for a job, I was the one who hired him in the end. But it turns out that whether it's choosing a husband or an employee, I'm blind and can't see through people.

He couldn't be thinking of using a cup of coffee to repay me for my kindness, right?

Ha, in his dreams, I will never forgive him!

I stood up shakily in my three-inch high heels and walked out of the door.

As I walked through the café corridor, I vaguely felt that someone was peeking. Sure enough, behind a tall green plant, I found a pair of familiar eyes.

Luo Xingye?

Why was he here? And in such a sneaky way?

This was very suspicious.

It was because he had once been that surnamed Lang's assistant.

I thought hard for a moment and came to a sudden realization. It must have been meticulously arranged by that surnamed Lang! He wanted to send someone to spy on me, but he didn't want me to find out, so he found his former assistant.

Because he knew that my memory had always been very bad.

It's a pity that he underestimated me this time.

I was in a bad mood, like an explosive that could explode at any time. Unfortunately, Luo Xingye had run into the muzzle of the gun.

I aggressively pulled him out, "Luo Xingye! What are you doing hiding behind the tree?"

Luo Xingye was like a little chick caught by an Eagle as he lowered his head and begged for mercy."Sis, Big Sis, can you let go of my collar? I can't breathe! Cough, cough, cough!"

His fair face turned red, and even his neck was red. Maybe I'm holding his collar too tight.

I let go of him. Luo Xingye shook his clothes and straightened his back. He was a head taller than me in an instant.

I spent all my time mostly in shopping malls, so I could tell at a glance that his clothes were the latest designs of a famous brand, and each piece cost at least five figures.

I was suspicious, Hmph! A man can not be rich without external help, and a horse can not be fat without eating grass. He was just an employee, how could he have spare money to buy clothes? And he's dressed up so well! I've confirmed my guess that he's definitely the lackey of that surname Lang!

"Speak!" I crossed my arms and coldly asked.

He became even more flustered, "Sister, I'm just here for a cup of coffee. You, why are you here?"

What a good act!

I clicked my tongue twice. Superb acting skills, I'm impressed! It would be a waste of his handsome face if he didn't film a movie.

"Tell me the truth! Did that Lang send you?" I unceremoniously pinched his ear and used 100% of my strength. "Back then, I was also your boss's wife. Is this how you repay me? Tell me, are you following me?"

"Aiyoyo!" He kept calling for help, "Good Sister, please let me go! I was wrong!"

He shouted so loudly that countless people turned to look at him. I felt like I was being stabbed and hurriedly let go.

I couldn't be bothered to play riddles with him, so I asked directly, "Tell me the truth, does that Lang guy has a mistress outside?"

"Ah? Sister, what did you say?" He continued to play dumb.

I slammed the divorce agreement on the table, "I'm asking you, he forced me to sign the divorce papers,is he having an affair?"

In the end, I didn't manage to get anything out of him.

Because this kid is very slippery. I asked him one question, and he asked me three. It was as if he was a judge, judging a prisoner. He even grabbed the divorce agreement and pretended to read it twice.

I couldn't bear to see him putting on airs. In anger, I slipped and my heel broke. The lambskin shoes that I spent 3000 Yuan on were gone.

I'm so angry!

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