13 Make it Ten Million Dollars

The banging of the door, jerked Emily right out of her dreamless sleep.

Open up, the voice from the outside shouted, making her rushed to open the door.

Immediately, a tall hulky guy with two scars coming across from his left ear, through his cheek to his mouth and the other closer to his eyes, making him look ugly, dragged Emily's hair and jerked her forward.

Sl*t, you were asked to change and come down, who do you think is your maid and has to wait for you?

Since you didn't want to come on your own, I will personally help you move.

Dragging her hair while Emily cried out in pain, he dragged her through the staircase, turned left and pushed her on the kitchen floor.

Her head hitting the wall while her a** sat on the floor, making a sound, Emily's tears were rolling freely.

"Stop the pity party" a strong voice sounded from the background

"She is too weak to be related to darkness" someone hissed.

"Maybe we got the wrong person, I was expecting some actions, some struggling, some fight back not a jelly fish " a blond standing not far from her said, kicking her stomach in the process.

Quickly, stand up and start making dinner, this is the last warning. This voice sounded like Brown. The room immediately fell into a complete silence.

The shock on Emily's face was priceless, who would have thought that the Brown that was soft spoken could sound so harsh.

With that, Emily started dragging herself from the floor when someone throw an apron at her, the guys immediately left the kitchen, leaving her there to find her way around and come up with what to cook.

They all left the kitchen to do one or two things on their own, mostly they were just playing with time waiting for dinner to be served.

As far as they were concerned, if by the time they were done playing and meals wasn't served, it will be a different ball game.

Emily started going through the fridge to see what they had in there, seeing eggs, butter, pasta, tomatoes, she decided to make a pasta whole meal.

It took about thirty minutes to finish cooking, when she was done, she went to inform Brown who was watching all the while.

Dinner is set, should I served it she asked?

No don't serve it, just go back to your room and sleep, you will have a early morning tomorrow.

With that, he worked out of the kitchen living her stunned.

Ohhh, so tonight am not even going to eat the dinner I took time to prepare in that anguish pain. Telling her inner self to be brave and keep up the fight, she walked back into her, not noticing the eyes that was staring at her from the darkness.

Immediately her body touched the bed, she went straight into sleeping.

Emily had one of the worst days of her entire life, but not with standing she was not giving up anytime soon. Unknown to her, King has been watching all her actions, even the way she just left without complaining to be given at least something to eat.

Meanwhile, Susan has been pacing up and down her room when she dialled a number.

King cut the crap, I just sent two million dollars to your account, send my sister home immediately.

ohhhh, now you can talk right, King retorted. Sorry babes, the bill just got increased. Am not negotiating till the next one week, that will make you know who the king of this city is. and by the way, the price is ten million dollars not two. Do your math.

And the call ended.

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The phone dropped from her hand, while she sat down on the floor, holding her head, she has just discovered her sister for goodness sake, why all this trouble..