1 Chapter 1 Cassandra's Pov Cassandra's Pov

I woke up to my alarm blaring perfect by ed sheeran.I tried to put off my alarm almost pushing it to the floor but then i remembered that i had school today.I sighed and closed my eyes for a bit before getting up to take my bath. I chuckled as i thought of the song "perfect"

i used the song as my alarm so i could hear it every morning.I used that as a reminder that there is nothing as perfect and that there is no one without flaws.I used that as a reminder because deep down in my heart i wanted to be perfect for someone and for someone to also be perfect for me.

I quickly had my bath making sure to use my jasmine scented body wash.I didn't wash my hair but i just put it in a bun,not in the mood to deal with my long hair today. Okay so i realize that i didn't introduce myself. So yh my name is Cassandra.I am actually just a regular teenager with parents that are away most of the the time.I live with my aunt in a house that's all too big for the both of us.I have a best friend named Amber.I love food,I am not the typical girly girl so that pretty much sums me up.

I get dressed in a baggy white joggers paired with a nude croptop and my black addidas.I put on a gold choker and a bracelet my dad bought me when he missed my 14th birthday as usual.I went downstairs following the aroma of pancakes that was wafting around. "Hmmmmm...aunt lindaaaaaa

i love youuuuuu",i squealed hugging her from behind." Cass, it's only when you see food you are so cheerful and loving",my aunt chuckled."Dont you know food is the only way to my heart",i said with a laugh. Within 5 minutes i had finished the pancakes with maple syrup and bacon.

"Okay Aunt Linda,i am going now",I shouted from the dining room.

"Okay Cass",she answered from the kitchen.She was probably baking or something.

I took the keys to my black mercedes and raced to school. I enjoyed the exhilarating feeling of adrenaline running through my veins. I got to school in record time due to my driving.

I parked my car and got down but i couldn't help but notice that a few reporters were around.I arched my eyebrow wondering who they were there to see.Although i saw a black tinted Ferrari,i was too lazy to bother myself with who that is.

I hadn't even walked into the school before my best friend,Amber launched herself in my arms.I let out a groan before hugging back."Oh sandra,its been a really long time,3 months to be precise that i haven't seen you.This hug is well deserved because i am sure you missed me"

"Okay okay,i chuckled before hugging her back. That's enough of the hugs Amber".I gently pushed her away before walking towards my locker.

Amber is the school's gossip so she kept on briefing me on everything going on in the school. and Mr Jackson was.....

I tuned her out focusing on my locker.After i took out my books i realized she was still talking. Oh yh i also forgot to tell you that the bad boy prince of Caledonia is coming to our school.

Okay i said uninterested in whatever gossip she was going on about.

SANDRA,she groaned out ,"do you know how much of a big deal this is".

"Uhm nope",i said still uninterested and thinking about a book i was currently writing.

" Imagine a prince coming to sweep you off your feet",she said with a dreamy sigh and i just rolled my eyes and walked to my maths class internally groaning all the way. I mean who has maths on a Monday morning. Judging by everyone's faces excluding the ever cheerful amber it was safe to say that i wasn't the only hater of Mondays.

So we were currently having maths when the door was thrown open and everyone looked up excluding me feeling too uninterested in whoever that was.

I suddenly looked up to see what i supposed was an army of officials. "Can someone tell them that this is not a matching field"?,i said complaining to Amber and she just rolled her eyes.Suddenly i perceived a pleasant smell.Its kind of hard to explain it but it was a mixture of male perfume probably,coconut and Raspberries Amber started poking me and i let out a groan out loud might i add, drawing everyone's attention to me.I just kept my head down.

A deep voice said,"hello everyone "and oh my ovaries.That voice sent zings through me.I looked up only to lock eyes with a deep blue eyes just like the ocean and i couldn't look away.

He had a cold aura,chiseled face to perfection and his build could be seen through his clothes,Just the way i like my guys.I looked up only to see him smirking at me and i just rolled my eyes and buried my head on my table while other girls were busy pulling their skirt up or dragging their shirts down.The guy was an enigma.He was a mystery to me,i didn't know who he was until my maths teacher,Mr Whitee started stuttering,y.... y..y..your h..highness,Its you .

His reaction was so funny that i couldn't keep it in me and i burst out laughing,my laughter ringing out in the class.I enjoyed Mr White embarrassing himself. It was so entertaining.I once again locked eyes with Prince Xavier and this time i didn't back down.

I saw him arch a brow but i gave a glare in return. Not even a prince can make me cower.He left Mr White a stuttering mess and walked further into the class to get a seat all the while maintaining eye contact with me,Untilll...

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