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A teenager meets a king to be sparks fly, But a noble cannot get married to a commoner. it has never happened in the history of Caledonia will she be able to learn the courtly ways of life in time to win the competition for the kings heart. will she be able to show all and sundry that she is more than capable of ruling caledonia. will he be able to coordinate the life of a king all the while trying to adapt with her lifestyle. A match set to change the universal way of life. A match that makes the earth tremble. A union blessed by goddess Aphrodite herself. Read to find out how Cassandra and Xavier fight the barriers in their way. will they come out victorious?? Read to find out Xavier trapped me by the wall,i gasp feeling a tingling sensation in my belly. "No Xavier we can't do this",i whispered sadly. Your crown,your fortune,your prestige and all you have are at stake i am but a commoner. I dont care,Xavier growled pinning me to the wall even more.i fight the urge to kiss him senselessly. Listen Cassandra i will give up everything i have including my treasure,crown,country for you. I gasp and stare up at him with wide eyes.i close my eyes and give into my desire. i pull him close and kiss him,fully pressing my whole body against him. He lets out such a groan that made my toe curl. I moan and he caresses my face all the while kissing me. The door to Xavier's office opens up What on earth is going on here, A voice screeches and we pull away from each other abruptly only to find queen mother staring at us in shock..........


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