1 Chapter 1: Caught

I was sitting on the floor. My tears dropped down and in front of me were two luggage. I'm gone run away from my family. I will live in freedom and I can do what I want. In my hand was a letter which I put on my table. I took my luggage and left home. No body could hear because it was 1 a.m. I was standing at the gate. Suddenly the gate opened by itself and a car drove inside. I was standing there and knew I was caught, but still I hoped it was my sister or my brother. Because then I could escape from my own family to live a better life. The car stopped and then the door opened. I saw a young guy and a old lady who stepped out of the car. Another lady stepped out and closed the door. I was trying to figure who the second lady could be. After a while I realised that it was my grandmother. Now I'm so caught. All three of them were coming toward me. I didn't knew what to do or to say?

I could see that Grandmother was smiling which means something is wrong.