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The Book Of Laws


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Otis, the man who caused chaos before leaving the earth. Before his reincarnation, he was given a mission by the messenger of the heavenly one to find the book of laws. Given three wishes to accomplish his task, he wished for his psychopathic alternate personality to be his system and was blessed with a shape shifting ability after requesting for the strongest power. Alas, a certain being added a clause of you take from me, I take from you twice. Fast forward and here he's in a new world entirely different from his former. Here where magic is supreme, the world is ruled by the strong and everyone ultimate goal is to get the book of laws. My only advantage is I have a system, which is the psychopathic me from my previous life that's if we see eye to eye. Anyways, like a wise man once said; "For he who holds unto the book of laws, knows the truth of the universe". Και αναζητώ την αλήθεια


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