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Read THE BLUE VOICE novel written by the author sumitjena2099 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, covering horribleandthriller. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A normal kid's life is just bounded by the school, colleges and then job. Slowly he falls in love...then family...and ultimately....you die. But Sumit is a kid whose life is never normal. It never had been.....what seems from outside isn't inside. Starting from weird visions...to some supernatural indications and finally, it all comes down to saving the entire reality. The ghost of his pasts have returned..and now he must face them and put an end to this cycle once and for all. One day while spending time with his sweetheart, suddenly blue light flashes inside his brains, and then he gets a message from his supposed grandfather Gopala. Slowly things around him gets inexplicably creepy and mysterious. His childhood love Ananya ends up being killed, his best friend Harsh also becomes a victim of a horrible monster, and along with his sister, and a few remaining friends, he must face these evils once and for all. From what started with a mere hallucination, to a series of mysterious and paranormal events, leading to a series of murder and assassination, opening the way of learning about their parent's deep dark secrets, ultimately to a battle to protect our world. Are you ready to save the reality and your loved ones? what's next? Incomplete love, broken trust, betrayal, time travel, will you have the power to bear all this? No matter how much we deny the presence of evil, it's always there among us. No matter where we go, where we hide, what goes around comes around. Our past can never be forgotten, no matter how much we try. The world of dead do exist, believe it, endure it. They have a world of their own, where they suffer for their misdeeds and incomplete dreams. They cry over there, the only difference is we cannot see them or hear them or feel them. This is the story where a small greed will turn into so much of a hiatus that it threatened our own reality, our very existence is challenged, and a group of people must form the Avengers and protect us. The battle of the living and dead, heaven and hell, right and wrong, past and future, the battle for everyone, buckle yourself, because you need it.


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Only Synopsis is enough to attract me, the book is good, writer you are doing great job, grammatically the book is good, but what attracts me more is the start. waiting for more.


This is a really awesome story that can trap anyone . I don't have words to express this awesome novel. Thanks, author for sharing the novel 😁.


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