1 A Starry Night

It was 3 in the morning, a night full of stars all overshadowed by a large full moon, almost as bright as the sun. It felt like a nice summer breeze, it was hot but the sisters of the orphanage left the windows open at night with the mosquitoes, that of the mosquitoes was insufferable and just this was the first summer in which they used effective pills, If, the sisters placed a machine with a pretty strong red light, which for those who slept next to the sockets was annoying.

However Zenda, despite being next to a plug, did not find it a big problem, as she always slept on the left side of the bed, next to the window, "nothing like a nice breeze on her face in the middle of summer" she thought about the side of her bed, although, while that and being able to observe the stars at night helped her sleep, this was a different night.

She did not feel sleepy, tried several times to close her eyes and then wait for the rest to happen, but the rest never came.

The moon was mesmerizing, splendid and bright, the competition number 1 of his opponent the sun, but Zenda was of the team of the moon, his appearance was fascinating, she could spend hours and hours watching it and deciphering its spots, a rabbit-shaped one was her favorite, when she talked to the rest of the children no one saw what she saw, something that she eventually appreciated. -Will it be a sign? What if my animal spirit is a rabbit? wow is it would be great, or maybe... my soul mate is a rabbit? Well that wouldn't make sense but who knows- thought with a smile on her face- maybe it's my zodiacal animal? Well... on second thought I don't know if that book about the horoscoco, horoscope or whatever it's called is true," she said in her slightly dubious mind.

As she watched the stars trying to remember the constellations she thought of the idea of going quietly to the orphanage library and stealing some books, as well as observing the night sky, Zenda loved reading books, the lengths intimidated her a little so she only reserved herself to those of less than 150 pages, however she spent hours, even days reading, each book is magical if you know how to summon it, although there are some that are easier to invoke in certain people, for example, Zenda hated sports books, she did not understand them because there were no televisions in his orphanage where she could see them, only in a couple of children who played but without knowing the rules very well.

There was a TV, but only black and white cartoons were shown until one day a hot cup of milk fell on a child's back TV cables. That child liked Zenda, even after what happened because he didn't watch TV like most of the children in the place, she thought - it's absurd, they didn't even have sound and were zero entertaining-. However, if there were other books of his interest in which she was able to entertain himself and spend several afternoons, those of astronomy and astrology especially, but she couldn't deny it was entertaining to know what the perfect job would be according to your sign and so on.

After spending 5 minutes wondering whether or not to go out, one voice appeared in her head and said -don't do it, the sisters pass by every once in a while at night through the corridors, they will surely see you and punish you- but there was another one that said -You just have to cross the corridor and turn left, apart who will be awake at this time- Zenda thought that there was no choice, go and look for a couple of books or possibly try to fall asleep for another hour by doing absolutely nothing more than looking out the window.

Before this Zenda rose with great care and as she approached the door, seeing with incredible precision that she did not step on any loose wooden planks, those planks were old and if she came to touch even one, would creak and wake up the rest of the 7 children who were in the same room, if they were not very asleep.

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As she walked through the dark corridor, illuminated only by the moonlight passing through the window, she heard a noise, as if someone was approaching. Zenda, who was already a little away from the door of her room, decided to hasten the step until she got to where she was turning the corridor, in this way she would manage to hide behind the wall, when she is about to arrive she hears that something is getting closer to where she is, at that moment she just manages to get there and hide behind the wall. Zenda, a little frightened, decides to look out the edge of the wall to see if someone approaches, when she sees, there is no one, whoever was nearby had already gone for another direction. Relieved by this, Zenda decides to go to what she had gone to, to the library that was a few meters away from her.

When she arrives at the library she grabs the handle and turns it to open the door silently, but, realizes that something is happening, the handle does not rotate, the door lock is locked! Zenda forgot a small detail and is that at night all the living rooms except the rooms, are locked by the sisters. At that moment, frustrated, she decides to try as she can to go where she came without anyone knowing, when she was about to get to where she turns the aisle she hears a noise of steps very close to her, then Zenda, thinking about what would happen if they find her, decides not to move and hide as before behind the wall, this time without looking out, only guided by the light of the moon to see if anyone came seeing his shadow.

Then, out of the blue the steps are not heard, and she realizes something, those steps were not coming from the corridor from which she came, those steps were coming from the corridor in which she was! At that moment she turns around and sees what she was afraid would happen to her, it was a sister who was still watching her, at that moment Zenda thought - oh I hope she doesn't get mad at me-, -I begin to believe that you in my head were right about it wasn't a good idea to come.The sister, surprisingly for Zenda did not seem angry, but rather worried - Zenda, what are you doing at this time of night? You should be sleeping like the rest of the people- at that moment came the dumbest excuse you could think of to Zenda- mmm sister I was just... I was thirsty then I got up to go get some water in the kitchen-. The sister, with a surprised face, says -Zenda shouldn't lie, you know it's not good, least of all to me that, well...I've seen you try to open the library door- and Zenda responds nervously -is that... I can explain it sister, what happens is that- you don't have to explain to me Zenda, I know about your love for books but I didn't think that enough to want to read at this time of night- says the sister raising her eyebrows - if she couldn't sleep and well, I thought maybe reading would help me- said Zenda a little embarrassed, -Well Zenda, for the next tell me and I let you take some books so, if you can't sleep you can read some, but don't spend much time reading, you're small and you have to rest well-, -well, miss-, go to sleep, it's late, it's almost 4:00, -if sister, by the way, What are you doing up so late? I'm not being nosy, but I'm curious, aren't you getting up at 6:30? , - those are sister Zenda's business, you go to sleep that today we expect a busy day-, okay, good night! -Good night Zenda! , have a good sleep.

Back in her room she hears something, this time it was not the sound of the sister, as she had followed down another hallway, however it did not sound like footsteps, rather like something crawling, at that time Zenda, thinking that it was possibly just another sister waking up, Keep walking, that is, very carefully to make any noise. It is almost near the door, only a couple of steps and to sleep, but, something happens that Zenda does not understand, and is that his door was locked, tried and tried several times to open it, even fixed in detail that she was not wrong room, but there was no point, it was completely closed. The first thing that came to her mind was that her roommates played a joke on him and pretended all the time to be asleep when they actually knew about Zenda's escape, something a little crazy. Zenda, not knowing what to do, decides to knock on the door three times, without trying to make a lot of clear noise, but something happened that would leave her traumatized for life.

After six seconds of knocking on the door, something strange happens to her, the frames begin to twist and turn into long, pointy snakes, cracks started to come out of the door as if under a lot of pressure seeing with total clarity as a reddish light came out of them, Zenda, stunned by what was happening decides to shout with all her strength, but it seemed that she did not get it, There was something that had frozen her, without letting her move, she could only articulate horror gestures on her face. In that, all of a sudden, the door went up in flames, flames so high that they covered it in their splendor, and now it had gone from being the door that illuminated the corridor more than the window itself that was a few meters from it.

To everyones relief, one of the sisters, who had just discovered Zenda in the hallway of the library, managed to see, from another hallway, how the hallway next door was turned orange, So much so that they could not distinguish the celestial colors of the edges of the walls or of the windows, running, the sister manages to get to where she was, and with great terror see her floating with the flames of fire burning through her garments without even burning it. Then more sisters began to arrive who immediately seemed to have everything under control, and in a matter of minutes managed to solve the situation.

At that moment Zenda woke up completely confused and with a great fright, it had already dawned and you could see the rays of light coming through the long pastel-colored curtains of the window. Even if she didn't believe it, it was all a bad dream, as she thought about whether it was appropriate to escape in the late night, without full warning, she felt tired. -It seemed very real that dream- she thought for a moment even thinking about how terrifying it was, that, although it was not real, Zenda felt it very well, so much that the memory of what she dreamed would be marked on her skin.

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