The Blue Eyed Wife of Daredevil Tycoon
novel - Contemporary Romance

The Blue Eyed Wife of Daredevil Tycoon


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What is The Blue Eyed Wife of Daredevil Tycoon

Read The Blue Eyed Wife of Daredevil Tycoon novel written by the author PepperNing on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, modern, love, mystery. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


“You mean you changed my clothes?” “Yes” “Then what happened?” “Don’t you remember anything? Don’t you remember kissing me? It was a wonderful night. You were really, really amazing.” He expected her to either become nervous or explode in anger. But nothing he predicted happened. But five minutes later, he found himself trembling infront of a ferocious girl with a bunch of knives in her hand. With a sinister smile planted on her lips, she looked like a professional knife thrower aiming at her target - his little brother. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jin Zhilan grew up for twenty years abroad, dreaming about settling in her native country one day. Three years ago, at twenty, she came to Jing city for a fresh start, only to find that she walked straight to hell. She lost her only living relative - her mother. Three years later, she managed to escape hell. While running away, she fell into the arms of an outrageously attractive man who changed her whole life forever. Now it was her turn to destroy those venomous people who killed her mother. Before exacting vengeance, she decided to unveil the mystery behind her mother's death. She had to unlock the mystery surrounding her own identity. After a makeover, she appeared infront of everyone with a different identity, but not a new one. It was an identity she never revealed to anyone before - A WORLD RENOWNED WRITER who never appeared infront of public. Leng Weilin was a self–made entrepreneur, who spent years building his impressive, but formidable and fierce reputation in the business world. He was a ruthless business tycoon no one dares to offend and a man capable of doing the unthinkable. Love was a weakness that he refused to succumb to. That was before he met headstrong and feisty Jin Zhilan. When he first saw her, he found himself lost in her blue eyes. He was shaken to the core by the irresistible attraction that flared instantly inside his heart towards this feisty girl. He wanted to counter his feelings for her, but he couldn't resist the fire in her eyes and determination in her words. The risk of losing this extremely alluring girl stared him in the face. He couldn't stand the thought of losing the person who lit up his world, at no matter what the cost. A passionate possessiveness for her, drove him to an imprudent and impulsive decision: a marriage to protect her! A marriage to tie her to him! Hence the ultimate bachelor decided to take a bride. He proposed a mutually beneficial marriage. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This novel is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places, and incidents are either the products of the writer’s imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The cover photo belongs to me. Please don’t copy it. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Honest Review I both loved and hated this one... loved it because it was engrossing from the beginning, and hated it because the author gave up on it... and had quite a few other faults. The Good: Good way to start a novel, open it up with a bang. The story itself has plenty of potential, but sadly it looks like the author gave up on it. The Bad: The grammar is... barely passable in this one, but I'm going to assume English isn't their first language so they still did well with it. The author gave up on it I think though... I also can't get a picture of what the world looks like at all. I mean, 8 chapters and I feel like all of it is a gray blob with a SUV and a barn, which feels really out of place for the location they are supposedly in. The Neutral: Just because you aren't going to win doesn't mean you should drop. What you should do is keep working at it, build up your readers, and then try again later. It's not a contest of quality, it's a contest of popularity remember.


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