6 Welcome back home Luke!!!!!!!! -2

Dazel was deep down drowning into her thoughts. While Maria in a loud voice "I want an explanation, Dazel".

"why didn't you killed him after your birth?? Why didn't you killed him then?? Don't tell me that you did it because of a crown. You have killed your own father and brother , snatch a husband and a son from his wife ".Maria said between her crying with a disgusted expression towards Dazel.

Bella threw away the plates of sweets on the floor that were shattered into small pieces like this family and exited with red sobbing eyes.

"Dear, you should have kept this secret a 'secret '.At least for the sake of happiness of our family but instead you killed him "Maria said in a disbelief.

"Maybe, she is the bloody ann....."Trek that was counting his last breath exclaimed in deep breath.

On hearing this Luke furiously kicked his stomach and he lost his breath on the spot.

By witnessing three murders in front of her Maria 's soul freezed. She quickly left that bloody room, followed by Leo in an approach to give her an explanation that how she was blaming her own daughter for 'fake happiness '.

Dazel was still sitting with a cold face with black knee boots, a top in navy blue with high collar and 3/4 th sleeves with a butterfly cut on back allowing a few clothes to race with the air. Black trousers with golden laces with red- brownish silky and wavy hairs flowing with the wind.With a few blood spots on her dress and sword. Her appearance was not less than a proud warrior in a battle field .

Parry came and sat on her shoulders when suddenly a drop of tear escaped her bright eyes.Anyone may misunderstand that she was crying for that bas**rd but he was not worth it.

'Hey, stop this' parry comforted though their mind network. 'A princess doesn't cry ,dear '.

Suddenly the tears that Dazel was holding back bursted out like a 'waterfall of crystals '.she cried until burden on her heart was relieved. She was disgusted with this title. A princess was not allowed to cry in public, behave herself to bas**rd and fuc***s etc.

She felt better and stared herself in a mirror 'Hmm, cute and innocent from outside but a devil mind from inside. Such an actress though '.parry chuckled.

<<Author :Hey, cry baby your messing my set up. Stop it or I will make you wash these bloody clothes. >>

<<Dazel :Huh, dear sunmoon am focus of the novel. Readers are here for me.>>

<<Author :(with pouted face) we'll see (evil smirk ).

Dazel entered the royal garden in order to take in some fresh air. She was gazing the beauty while she heard a few mild footsteps .'so the show is not end yet ' she thought. It was Leo with a sword. He was about to attack Dazel, but got a shot on his head. His body started floating in the air and landed on the green grass with a loud sound.


---------------------------------------------------------------------"Hmm, so your friends with different kind of traitors"Alpha exclaimed in a teasing tone.

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"In this world no one is a friend or a foe, situation depends on your needs and their conditions"Kezarica said in a cold voice while gazing her sword.

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