7 Welcome Back home Luke!!!!!!!!!! - 3

"Interesting , must say you have experienced a lot "Alpha said in a serious tone.

He adjusted a distance between his throat and sword's edge but.....

Kezarica pointed another sword just below his lips "Alpha, I think you want to ask questions between stories. Right?? "she whispered.

She smirked and continued the story by lefting Alpha with a smirk on his face.


After falling he felt like someone was crushing his bones and left after playing.He sensed Dazel behind him, he turned in a rush with a knife but got hit by a blood reaper.

Blood was rushing out of his wounds. Clothes were torn up and messed. He was breathing heavily, was about to dead at any moment.

While Dazel was freaking enjoying the seen with a smirk on her face with baby hair interrupteing her gaze on that 'almost dead ' creature.

"Am not that cruel, any last wish "??DAZEL asked while wiping a few blood spots on her weapon.

"I...wan.... "Leo was breathing heavily. Was in an approach to pick up a stone nearby. He suddenly grabbed the stone and threw it towards her, aiming on her left eye with cutting air from it's sharp texture.

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It was destroyed before reaching the target . Crushed into pieces by bare hands. Leo saw those pieces falling from hands in the form of small particles with a few blood drops.

<<Author : Hey, if now you'll cry. I will surely punish you. (pout) >>

<<Dazel :(Death glares)>>

<<Author :Hehe, we'll talk about it later (dashi run run run )>>

"I want to see you...... dead "Leo said with left energy in him.

"OK, if it's your last wish then..... I will die "Dazel agreed."But was is it so dear? "Dazel smirked.

"You have killed a werewolf, Luke was Alpha of a pack. Am here to take revenge "Luke said in a husky voice.

"You want me to receive deadth because of the bas***d"??Dazel furiously kicked his stomach and he laid there without showing any movement . She checked his eyes and nostrils but he wasn't breathing .

She sat near him on the grass and started laughing out loudly. As loud as enough that can make a dead person alive and will make him /her scream for help.

Luke suddenly opened his eyes "Your a great actress, shall we apply in a theatre for you?? "He chuckled.

"You have improved a lot as well "Dazel exclaimed.

"Not as good as you, your highness "Luke responded.

"Hmm, am a werewolf can recover easily but what about you?? "he asked pointing towards her palm embedded with stone pieces with blood patches.

"That's nothing "she chuckled.

"what about that bas***d's dead body "she asked.

"Not a single expression of sorrow, they're like 'welcome back home Luke '"Luke replied.

Dazel exited the garden after hearing that with a cold face.


"Hmm, so blood is your precious toy. Isn't it? "Alpha asked in a teasing tone.

"Yes, wanna donate some "Kezarica asked with a cold voice while staring into his eyes.

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