4 That Hateful night -3

Next day when she woke up. She was already sent far away, very far from Alopia to gain skills to tackle those Eagles, with sharp eyes on her kingdom.Even, without giving a proper goodbye to her family.

And then in this way she was trained for about nine years without family and friends but with the company of birds and animals. But when she turned 12,one day she received an invitation of a ball , first time in her' sisters presentation' ball to the society.

"But ya know parry, your princess ain't dumb to attend these events with old noble freaks for no reason ".Dazel chuckled after closing that envelope.

"stop the carriage, we'll rest here "Dazel ordered.

Her parry, the beautiful parrot flew on the her shoulder

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"wait for crown princess Alopia , Bloody Angel is back ".


"How pitiful, a soft princess was left out for a 'night hunt ' alone ".Alpha chuckled.

"one wrong word and you'll be dead, your highness "Kezarica smirked pointing towards sword 's edge resting on his throat through her eyes.

"Please continue with your 'non - fictional ' story "Alpha exclaimed.

"sure "Dazel smirked.


Dazel :Author don't you think your a lethargic creature. Not punctual at all.

Author :I would like to apologize sincerely and ya will update 1-2 chapters every day. Pinky promise 🤞🤞.

Readers don't get confused am writing a novel and there the character is narrating a story.

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