2 That Hateful Night -1

After noticing the worries of the royal couple , minister Trek broke the silence

"My lord ,it's necessary to select next heiress " in an impatient tone.

Queen's eyes were downcast and tears were scurring over her cheeks ,the droplets were proof of her experience how bloody this battle could be. Dazel was trying to figure out the situation in her 'tiny head' by closing an eye and pouted. while Bella and Steve were staring at the members inside like 'owls'.The mood was far tensed than a war situation. Suddenly the silence was broken by Maria in order to ease the mood, she chuckle on Dazel's expressions .Appearing like a granny with only two bunny teeth. Ignoring this cute creature was a sine.

It was a ritual in Alopia for selecting next ruler by a battle, in which both prince and princess were allowed to participate.They had to stay alone in the forests of Klara, consists of several mystical and powerful creatures for one whole night with a condition, if more than one will succeed then they have to leave the kingdom forever and kingdom will be left with 'no ruler' resulting as the decline of the dynasty.

The condition was never fulfilled as until now every competitor was killed except for one heir/heiress.

"Everyone,princess Dazel will today perform the ritual "king announced in a ringing voice.

Everyone was taken aback by the decision. To let an inoccent baby deal with wild creatures alone at night was a horrible idea.

No one was expecting Dazel to be the first one.

After hearing this, Queen burst into tears "My lord plz ,she is the youngest one"with Crystal water filled eyes begging for her pup 's life, it was indeed important to choose heiress now but the fact was not adjusting in a mother's heart.

Minister Cavour spoke out "My lord princess is the youngest one, she is the charm of the kingdom and mansion ". All the courtiers were upset, they were not sure that they will see the little angel for next time or not.

But as daughter, as father. The king was stubborn, was never gonna change his decision.

After hearing this Dazel started laughing with a bright smile "Daddy, thank you. Sister Bella and Steve bow in front of me now ". Her bunny teeth were peeking from her mouth.

"I want to be a Queen of Lake and dolphins and want a handsome king like Daddy "smiled Bella,"I am not interested ".

"I want to be a Queen of a tall king " Steve added with proud.

These three were angels the thought of losing even one was more painful than seeing own body teared apart.

King smiled "Now tell me who want this crown? "pointing towards the beautiful crown on his head.

Bella and Steve pointed towards the Queen's crown "I want that one".

steve told "Your crown is so heavy Daddy, I don't want it ".

King nodded " Yes, dear it is so at last Dazel is willing for my crown, isn't it dear " .

Dazel pouted and then laughed " Yes, I want that ".

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" My child this is a big responsibility, you have to take risks, your life will be a roller coaster ride ". King explained in an easy language to not put pressure on Dazel's little head.

Minister Trek interrupted

" My lord, but even with one competitor we have to perform the ritual " with a smirk.

King noticed the smirk and gave him an angry expression.

"Fine, Prepare her for the ritual ".

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